Hello, everyone.

Chairman The events of " GEISAI " Executive Committee , is the artist Takashi Murakami .

As we hold this big event , I will talk about the motive of holding the contents .

Celebration " GEISAI " = " Geisai " = of " art festival " = art .

Ie As -explanatory , the creation of the festival of art genre is the gist of this event held . ARTFESTEVAL When the literal translation to English . And the " GEISAI " as is Japanese English notation because the state as it is too .

Function of the square of the meeting was to mediate professional , amateur us , art . And re- verification of part of the art entertainment , re- proposal . Scout assuming - Purodevu~yu and competition . Exhibition and sale of works and concert performance , of the participants .

Art composite event it was combined the elements of these food and is " GEISAI " .

The origin of the name is coming is called known as " Geisai " , from the nickname of the school festival of art school system . I myself was also a student of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in the past . Even compared to the production run of exhibitions and events as a professional then , the excitement of school festival at the time , remains as pleasant memories specially . No, on the contrary , let's say it was the highlight of one of in my life .

Mockery of trade and excitement encounter , and controversy , can appeal to the audience through works and goods , the events themselves have made . I deploy in the same place chaos of them in an instant . Re- developed further , was such a school festival " Geisai " to slide into public a place that is open . Here , there is a large emphasis of Notes held .

Count the history of ten years already , each time every year , an event that presentation creatures to axis celebration Wonder Festival of the molding mad and Comic Market of doujinshi sale meeting , the geek , continue increasing the number of participants . The event of the two has continued extrusion on the front amateurism , but the base of the participants spread therefore , tens of thousands , each participant has gathered a few tens of thousands .

It was the skeleton of on these two events is going to manufacture tow " GEISAI " . I think when compared to these predecessors , is located at the start of a late , but I want to hold celebration here the spring of 2002 , the art of " GEISAI " .

The spirit of the event held each

1 . " GEISAI1-GP "

I called " Geisai -1 GP " . This is a competition = public offering . The young artists who wish Japan , cases where a good start to approach itself to the public , put out to competition = first public offering is often . It faded away the last 20 years , competition various go out , but as the move does not change , or , as one of the advertising media company , continues to be even now it .

If Sakanobore , giant public exhibition like Nika and Nitten also is the reason it was national team of Japanese art , and competition = public offering be thought of as a barrier that can not avoid it in considering the art of Japan . As well as respond to the height of the needs of the competition = public offering , to re- verify the meaning itself . To do so , it is not led overturned the dogma presented itself of a way of life independent that was Aydin entity of contemporary artists originally , to hold the competition from the artist side .

There are two chances in the competition of the GP.

The first is money elected by special judges , silver , copper , three awards . Please pay attention to the faces of the people of this jury . I think the eyes of people of various fields is required for the discovery of new art .

Stalwarts of Japan contemporary art industry first . Yayoi Kusama 's . Katsuhiko Hibino , who has continued to build up the movement and graphic artists with boom competition Vu~anado etc. - A graphic and Japan Grand Prix since the early 1980s . Tadanobu Asano continue to present a way of life independent of the firm as an actor . Mr, Sawaragi Noi 's " Japan , modern art ," art critic . I , Takashi Murakami will also participate . In the jury of these , I find the possibility of art of tomorrow .

The second is a scout examination .

So to speak , art version of A Star Is Born . Support the creative of Japan , and to scout seeking eggs of our artists , surface of the TV program production section talent management and production galleries , magazines and editorial people . It is a chance - Purodevu~yu direct . And the setting of this scout review , side completely different from the competition until now also born . In other words , the development of artists . Production and galleries that you scout , you will to start a business with artists , respectively. Excuse and graces does not hold , waiting there is the tough road to the professional . However , what in the road , the artist will be training . Could not of that audit by setting the competition = public offering of these two , the traditional competition show , the road to professional , is being presented clearly .

2.Exhibition and sale of works

That you slide into a livelihood work of art production is a very difficult way . For one thing, that the uncertainty of the sold line has become a major wall . It is not yet to the recovery of the credit still , art industry that won fame notoriety as the subject of speculation in the bubble economy at the time , has been recognized as transaction quotient dark . In addition, in the reality of the distribution of the art market , the available for purchase pricing only by enthusiasts is sharpened extremely or economic elite , some of it has ended up with an object that does not get used at all in the general public who you .

a. The elimination of the uncertainty of the distribution, to regain the trust of art.
b. Provision of works price range familiar.

In " GEISAI " inside , this is the concept of exhibitions and sale beyond the boundaries of professional and amateur .

Wonder Festival and Comic Market , which was raised earlier , amateur we will bring together the work Basically you spot sale at the venue , artist and audience to share time and space as an intermediary trade of money . I think than the exhibition itself , what the creation of such a space , and are led to energy that continues to gather a lot of people .

Professional dealer re- setting of the reference point and credit recovery in the industry . Amateur will pleasure to sell work and great achievement . By continuing to achieve these goals , the concept of a, b is gradually being fulfilled . I think suggestions of representation with respect to the sale is , and open a new door of art .

3. Meaning of Booth professional participation

In the United States and Europe , Art Fair is an event with the history . Moreover , contemporary art is unfamiliar , has formed a large fair and market in Japan . In Japan , Tokyo Art Club , etc. organized , and pseudo art fair is located in the extension of the exchange meeting of old-fashioned lovers for some , art fair of Western type it is supposed completely like NICAF. However , while looking at the art fair of all of these , I personally have continued feeling the imperfection . The Western and also Japanese . It is a sense that something has shifted from the reality of their own . So what is the real art in the Japanese market , and what is required. Home is too high floor just professional . I do not see the direction of the only amateur .

Answer Find the Fair traditional , issued to Nari I was overall mixed art exhibition and sale of professional and amateur of " GEISAI " . Around the art dealer 's young , the cornerstone company character business content development companies , and rice cakes , etc. computer hardware production company , the creative industry in Japan , everybody professional booth who had participated this time , professional exactly is here and there .

One professional booth plays , it is the credit of " GEISAI " . By professionals and amateurs , both are at the same time presentation , confidence in the professional is recovered, which is available in the field of discipline of aesthetics at the same time . I want to try melting the barrier of participation in the market of art and art in Japan . This is also a test for that .

4. I wrote the first , and , aim the fun of school festival of art college that I myself went through with the aim of festival true . Humans to the same target group , hold it for extracting things confusing , reproduction of the fun of the festival . In Wonder Festival and Comic Market , cosplayers we have embodies the mood of this Halle . It is hoped that actively incorporating the performance and future concerts , our " GEISAI " also , we would like to air whether a school festival , the rendition A festival of true . Festival of real people who share the new values ​​. I think I would like to make the " GEISAI " this.

It is proposed point you are new still , imperfect point is said or stay in your eye , but is willing to gain experience value both the content and management , I am allowed to offer an event that grade up every time .

So Please enjoy everyone a " GEISAI -1 " .