We would like to complete the stage " social reform in the art " and " Restoration of Art" it has changed this time.

This is a state that is reclaimed wasteland of " Japan without art scene " currently , but the air holes are beginning to open art scene certainly . And let's say it 's not only in Japan . Revolution is already begun .

After you wrote the brochure of " 3 Eye of the Tiger by Survivor GEISAI # " that took place in March 2003 , three and a half years have passed . Six and a half years if Kazoere in Follett Harajuku is a systemic of GEISAI from " art festival dojo " . GEISAI that began at the temple hut of 50 people has grown to art events to mobilize in a stable 10,000 people .

But of fumbling while aiming a revolution of art is still ongoing .

Event management that confessed , " We were able to while suffering in the event management is not familiar , it reached an organized this time . However , . You did not think third time is tough so " in the same pamphlet every time trouble it is burdened with a deficit , and we are held to Kogitsuke despite suffering . However , even under such circumstances , GEISAI to grow little by little , that GEISAI could do better , things to do has also appeared .

One of them is a stage made ​​to foreign countries . It introduces an artist art market overseas to the art key players in the world top from abroad as a first round judge , to the first time Basel , expand the advertising major art magazines around the world , this several times , Art of the West in particular I went to try connecting the GEISAI and field .

As a result , attention to GEISAI overseas increased dramatically , artists picked up museums and galleries , collectors overseas has also increased . I make the route leading to the world of the Japanese art scene was unrelated to the art circuit of home .

GEISAI is 're revolutionizing the "Japan" to ensure through the young writer . Future is jammed in the GEISAI. Future of artists , the future of work , and future , of as an art event of GEISAI own , the future of Japan .

The future is going to change also the future of the world , I have been saying repeatedly from the start of GEISAI. Will not shake the belief , reality began to move . Anniversary # 10 .

Please enjoy more than ever please , the GEISAI The memorable 10th .