2009 years , 1991 to see the art scene today . Year I debuted the art world was the year the bubble economy in Japan has completely collapsed . I was gorgeous of the bubble economy , there was a sense of climax of some kind every art scene not only contemporary art scene in Japan . Japanese art dealer wearing a suit that Innovation burrs are often seen Christie's of London and NY, the auction of Sotheby's , and we are pulled in to the client Japanese works of master impressionist at a price of several billion yen was .

World of Japanese painting I had enrolled a thing prime example , house situated immediately Rolled-Up selling , picture drawn with 30s so so so that it , along with Picasso and Van Gogh works of writers of the area called the master of mid-level I was a domestic distribution at such price .

Art galleries and East High Museum of Contemporary Art such as ICA Nagoya , HeinekenBeer was sponsored not an exaggeration , it was young and conduct exhibitions HEARTLANDBEER even if you have space for that contemporary art world as well , even if it is said to have been established at this time I was trapped when closing dropped in on opening party or to participate in the exhibition Yara talk show .

Superstar artist Katsuhiko Hibino acid appeared to expand the exhibition Avu~anado Japan Graphic Exhibition , subsequent to commercial facilities Parco It was also during this period . Day of selling Speaking of me, in that time people . He went to have my work in such a gallery is coming out contemporary art system galleries tremendous number is boiling like bamboo shoots after rain in the Aoyama neighborhood , said to Borokuso , confidence in the work production dispirited was lost . Art Fair International of Japan's first , will be held NICAF, Akira Ikeda galleries , box office Art Festival basis you made alone at the Makuhari Messe , Pharma Con was also around this time .

The time we had such a thought bubble while subsided when I was able to debut . It was a time when art port project that was in the flashy so far the collapsed one after another .

But in those days , even small movement started , art dealer et al noticed the potential of contemporary art had started to make an exhibition in Tebento . Museum of Art , while fumbling , many new attempt had begun done and try to support the artist . Age of valley . Nothing is predetermined rules , in uneasy , groping in the dark time that followed .

Newcomer is the debut possible in such a case . And I was able to debut as new artists .

Now, it has been touted recession , and the recession era , but it is similar to that at the time , it is not Megura the seemingly gold , the worst time .

But , it was not . Without money Unnamed Young, moments frontier of opportunity full for people who are only motivated . In the crack of the times , it is a transition period of Dosakusamagire that Nejikomeru impossible chestnut my place .