Theme of GEISAI#14 is "Recycling".

Reason two .

The first held 13 # . And the great success is attributed . # Theme of the 13 " poor " . In I did in Tebento everything .

Trader who is with us to help Ri also sure to up to volunteer and receive help at the cost of very bottom . The employees of Kaikai Kiki also attendance natural holiday, concentrated on GEISAI it neglected the work of others? It's not , stop gold to be held because no longer . What to ask yourself to determine whether or not want to do anything . Find a way if you want to do . I went one by one to solve it listed in our organizer people that kind of challenge .

And to have been sprouted in the essential " recycling " spirits . Once upon a time , those used in other events , pass case etc. Spending old hand-me-down . Such as , anything and everything , I was rolling up recycling . Quality of itself did not go down the event , and it was a reaction a good impression of the record .

2 nails .

It was Ku logo Groovisions is designed . Was also decided right out if this theme ! I have an offer of new logo of # 14 blankly very Groovisions 's from there bitch Chi , " GEISAI # 14 is , , , greenish softening " he said. Despite " Mmm , no budget much Nde ? I wonder if it would be possible to recycle logo design of # 12 sorry " Therefore , even had to pose a tall order , , , . . .

In , now , was possible It is the design that you have been watching me . Very good ! Is be some people who think " 's fine so ? ," But nature is not seen it !

Valla Sidi - designed live so much . The really great . Impressed . Impression that all and cost reduction has changed . Genius ! !

The design is the egg of Columbus . And I just changed only a little , and I just gave me to a tree at the number in the green color . But , it seems that it is different from everything . I look yesterday and today has changed in one design one . It might survive was little idea , a little attention , a little something came from the is required to society . Can be transformed to a nice fresh little bit , just to change , something that came to me now .

Design also " recycle " , I became fresh .

There is one major incident of such 2 . That said , I thought I would Kakageyo the theme of " recycling " in nature. "Recycling " , everyone of the participants , too - think . Feeling that .

One , a big ask " recycling " basis . Everyone with participation Artefactory chair I wonder not call the venue to friends and acquaintances ? I do not use 100% of the energy around us Your Own! ! That to make effective use of the stuff I use . That this " recycling " . 20 000 people also supposed to come if 1000 artist in me just bring 20 people one artist , problem in them , was not me at all , but I need your help by all means this time . Not to shine in all Te " recycling " , am not out achievement .

Another , garbage problem . When GEISAI # 12, garbage problem was the neck to the end . Budget of excess , several million yen , foot came out just garbage problem . Is it not considered packing hot dust out in all forms of work , the method of presentation ?

Each one think about the meaning of garbage . I think the use of energy . Energy that artists have but by terrible ! I feel that you are not using all still will . Do not something generous and out , so you Dashikiro all all ! Network of contacts and ideas also fired up , all all !

I think GEISAI spring time, and I would like you to participate by sharing with you such a feeling .

Takashi Murakami