Everyone of your visit , you artists participants , Hello GEISAI. GEISAI is also 10th anniversary finally.

Well , this sentence of you aspiring artists . And you write is directed towards our students who are about to enter the arts industry as a professional.

Well , it is GEISAI.

We have been doing while leaning to complain many 10 years , I was able to fulfill a 10-year commitment as the first somehow.

" The art market has its own Japanese ! "
" Go to WEST! "

However , environment of Japanese art that changed GEISAI wants is whether is functioning properly really . There is the issue now . Artists dozen to debut from GEISAI definitely , it is fluttered in the world . However , far from mid-level of several hundred people did not go Ku Takumi .

I've been allowed to appear art market and artists who have trivialized go twisted in the direction of a Japanese extremely a " makeshift " .

I think that is stamped on the art history of Japan as a movement that had both merits and demerits exactly .

However , I want to say .
Part of the crime was prevented in advance .

It is a thing such as: the way that followed the artist failed .

Place where GEISAI is branding , to announce even without the loan Gallery was able to . While to some customers hailing from abroad , market its own came can . Eggs of our artists who participated in there knew taste of GEISAI. Outside of GEISAI, I sold the works also in GEISAI. Was recruited . Glad . I sold steadily without also studying the market . It's willing to be bought high . I was delighted that it has been trading on favorable terms than the fellow in information exchange between poor fellow . I thought he would wise . And I was brought to auction in Asia . Value went up . I wanted to correct myself . The Honk to GEISAI participants from Murakami , and describes the dangerous parts of the structure . Was ignored . I was the behavior of just not saying "Age is not exactly the case is with you " he said. Value continued to rise for two years . Orders rushed .

The bubble burst .

No longer have to order main , the price of the auction was to 0 as possible .

You are not able to understand that absent human etc. to bit again on the value that it was at one time 0 .

And , , , fast , , , . . .

Younger artists to debut on and on . Market slides , I will give you the baking powder similar . Artists 0 value came to talk to my place by eliminating the place to go . 's Too late . I have a grudge against the industry now . I have lamented was deceived .


You guys himself he was the choice . This is the result of not knowing the world , was Ogo~tsu without knowing the stature of their own in the bubble structure . Repeat of the tragedy begins there , it does not become scratched his ego inflated to art school , also , can have students of art system .

And it is not noticed that the young man a few years ago , I was able to dream once , but it is supposed to follow in the footsteps of the "Artist of the self-proclaimed mid-level " you do not sell now .

From about GEISAI # 8, this story is the flow of current .

This did not even know me until you real experience . I had come to do the GEISAI I thought needed to artists and really , was a free market , but as soon as the door is opened emergency , bare desire erupted from the young people like a Tao anger . Door of the problems faced by young guys in Japan today also fully open . Their own . Day to be bound by obsession to say that it does not go I must look for their own people anyway .

It is has become organized like build works as a meditation device of self-discovery in the new religion says art rather than born , and art in this .

It is different !

Education is necessary for the reckless artist wannabe young and has a giant ego ! Door of the market open. The next thing raise the quality . It is not the quality of the work . It's the quality of the human work of the writer , in the art world ! Phase of the next 10 years of GEISAI will focus on education .

Rush force the weapon the youth is amusing . Above all , that if the goods are cheaper , even more so . However , etiquette basic as well as to proceed to the next phase , dignity of the person is asked .

Everyone who had gathered at this time judge is the person who are in a position educational in that sense . Everyone , age close to you guys is a participant , a generation , and just is not the only reason polite fool . This is the person we Tesabaki of skill combined with the development of point of contact with society , sincerity , of heat or the like passion is high , even while having the grammar of today .

Do not forget to also have you examine the judges they It is part of his personality along with the work

Chairman Takashi Murakami