Hello. Is Takashi Murakami.
I'll do GEISAI#16.
I GEISAI human young limited to 29 years.
In other words , guys I hope debut , You say , , , get together .

Well , I would features GEISAI judges this time .

All three friendly furiously . And who can create in the future Pojitivu of young people .

Mr. Iida , an acquaintance from the debut front of me . It came to the presentation of the doctoral program .

Takahashi , acquaintance from Nadifu era . Person who introduced me to Roppongi Hills .

Mr. Katagiri . Owner of pixiv young 20-year-old than me . I'm doing gallery together.

Mr. Iida , Mr. Takahashi , Mr. Katagiri . I have all , and presentation space . Work as soon as , in the presentation as soon as possible is great.

It is a people -friendly basic . Opposite me. I believe young people , it has not believe anymore , I must re- trained , and , if Ne re- duster.

So , I think it's just the right balance.

There are things that we know it came in '12 this GEISAI to me.

That is,

- Is , lack of sense of beauty to live and etiquette of young people.

•The expansion is , of ego distorted.

·It is overkill , devotional called "dreams come true".

I thought that it is rude individual human , I was upset about the individual people first .

I do not say hello , that it is now in the care GEISAI, do not write the history , etc.

Or " I blur a clear application GEISAI Well " , I was upset to the individual , but it was different.

There is time you happen to such a human production , as a result , those guys are rude million he had boiled.

If you traced the origin of stupid the first time of the Japanese art world , I thought so and it would be a field of education , continued to research in various ways.

I thought art school is dumb , prep and , dumb , but age was so.

You can cast the only " opposition " to unfounded "If anything the opposite " or substitution and art "there is anything " to shield the anarchy approval of the net field , to be able to secure the standing position of the artist.

For the most part, going to school of art is the No Child Left Behind , which could not be learning the ordinary .

In other words , it's stupid.

To have in the humility of Nari fool , fool though such should be set firmly on the standing position of society in his own , reverse out of the fool there are many young people of artists aspiring now it is of a big problem.

So , anyway , to re- education.

This, I'll do.

Everyone participating artists GEISAI.

Please be sure that you mind.

Change the gear at a stretch here!

GEISAI Chairman Takashi Murakami