1 . Introduction

Hello, everyone . It is Takashi Murakami Chiaman The event of " GEISAI-2 " .

It was held at Tokyo Tower Amusement Hall on 16 to 17 March 2002 " GEISAI-1 " , it has has Thanks , amateur participation is a 4,268 person attendance 537 booths , 412 set , and professional booth 17 set , collected , it was a great success . Better attention to the reaction to exceed about 25% of our expectations is the host , transferred to Tokyo Big Sight location , the second time we have been the setting in order to perform on a scale of about two times the last time . It was higher than the target of our initial this time , 1,000 booths , apply for amateur Fortunately booth has counted 1,201 booths , 805 pairs . Professional booth same number as the previous 17 and set this time .

It has not expect 9,000 people , if you overlook the whole , attendance has more than doubled the scale of all . The spurred this momentum , launch scale twice in " GEISAI-3 " and " GEISAI-2 " next time , amateur booth 2000 booth topped , 18,000 people mobilized , in the spring of 2003 at the Pacifico Yokohama in did it with organizer , we want to do . And in the same time period , the art fair NICAF of contemporary art . And ○ ○ ○ ○ Festa will be held . In other words, we believe the entry of We direct the art entertainment system large state of war , and will Makiokoso art whirlwind in Japan . It wishes everyone well , so you can look forward that will go , held twice a year in the " GEISAI " series .

2. Return of the dream factory" is?

By performing playback of school festival at the time was a student of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music of " hot air " , the creation of art events that the foundation the festival , trigger the " GEISAI " Genesis is Japanese for Japanese by Japanese it is backed by ambition might be Locate the proper path to the rediscovery of the art .

We create seriously as entwined with the art landscape of " Festival" . While hoping that the professional you are and let live in this world from the crucible of such excitement comes out ... . Expand in the same place is chaos in an instant , and re- development , while darker shades of entertainment , and will usher in the art scene closed in Japan . I think this even doing " GEISAI-2 " , we got off to a start in the " GEISAI-1 " would like to proceed per operation with a theme again .

The theme has been billed as " Return of dream factory " . 80's Fuji Sankei group came gimmick , large summer events cited the bureau , " dream factory " . The desire in the form of a new festival of Japan to make forcibly if Remembering , when you look back from Clie ~I Figurative side , people to think positive may be low .

But ( mobilization of 900,000 summer ) is also ridiculous second only EXPO70, in Osaka Expo this event boasted attract many every day from nebuta festival , in bringing together the sunset pussy a " club child mew me" from a rock concert you should was a national festival that was raised . Among the signs of revival , context creation cultural are the current hot topics currently EXPO70, Osaka Expo , but Adabana in the 1980s , also " dream factory " , think seriously once the context cultural Do not may I ?

Just because without a mean to say , it was amazing bubble economy , the heart of the excitement is that What was ? It is the riddle of whether there By decipher the form of roaring to the festival of modern Japanese than come into view . Not necessarily the TV station was carried out entwined media mix by big capital " dream factory " body comes to counterattack , the production costs of Tebento this time of " GEISAI-2 " and creation inheritance of the stupid spirits We would like the theme .

3. "GEISAI-2 "

Enumerate the characteristics of amateur booth . We would like to consider roughly a whole .

Application of illustrations rush A, in GEISAI-2GP

" Competition , public offering " is a event for amateur , exhibition and sale of GEISAI-2GP is " Art free market" . Last time , while it was 537 booth , I was able to count the 1,201 booths at least twice this time . It is not of course mean to say just the more so good. The amount of heat , what is the quality is called into question . There is a " bias of the genre" of applicants that had pointed out last time , from various quarters also came been remarkable . Applicants " illustration " make up 307 set many , 39 % of the total by far this time . I This could be several reasons for this .

It could be advertising effectiveness magazine in " Illustration " magazine was large and that , " painting " how we are occupied by first round judges " GEISAI-2 " , but recognition of the name of art than it but there is a real Savukarushin you also on behalf of the name " illustration " , it is not felt to wonder at all.

Power was weakened in 70-90 's exhibitors 20s spent , than "art culture you do not know well" , extension was at the entrance to the familiar culture manga and anime , and games from childhood " illustration picture " " what art as a substitute is real " in the line . I can say that the reality of Japan is also , are confronted . Sometimes took advantage of the fact the story of "art as a substitute " , I myself have also Toha the art world as a mutation , if Toraere to positive , this situation , the original from Japan by inverting there is a possibility that lurking is the context in which it is possible to build an art . But whether the Nan the body of the name say illustrations ?

I think after thinking seriously about this name , participants are Aydin Tifa Lee as a genre of its own with very little . I see a possibility that " your work " is coming is high in the competition of the event type person who identified himself as illustrator rather these , the genre included the determination of ulterior motive .

No need to "art" in Japanese society . It may be said that my theory that has come from the past continue to cast and has ended up being supported . I feel the originality and deformation condition of the creative scene in Japan paradox of action to sell as an original piece works named illustration , but to the customer courtesy of making buy it , what to that would Instruction , and also the value ? It seems to form that would vanished immediately in new ideas without the participant .

Road B, and to professional

In GEISAI, " more meaningful " It has presentation on the road to professional from amateur , we are working while adding the mistake thinking also about the system. Last time , along with the honor of " Gold of the 1st " , from Shiraishi Contemporary Art , Nishio 's gold medal decision from the 13th debut this September . It became the first professional work of a two-person exhibition with that Motohiko Mr. Kotani . It was a quick rise to fame of the leaps and bounds in less than half a year from winning . It was the come-and-go public exhibition rarely cut to the extent you think ( gold medal , and won the Grand Prix was not just this time ) and track record with the carrier in sufficient public exhibition , his case is whether vandalism public Sashizume to it, but Tsuizo without the chance of professional debut visit , I drifted to the " GEISAI-1 " .

That is, in the public exhibition came to follow his , was not given a decisive chance that you won , but go up to the front stage . It can be thought of and came continues to expose the nonsense of inflation and public exactly . . " Field was missing " from such a thing , can be thought of as a one that utilize well the wave of " GEISAI " in a state in which the machine is ripe , disguised in paradoxical . It challenges selling to Tomio Koyama Gallery during the " GEISAI-1 " At the same time , winning exhibitors . Award of only the (previous , I do not even grazing the scout debut has been determined from the same gallery I can say the same thing also Shintaro Miyake -kun ) . That is to come continue to struggle in other places , if you care a start has passed the 30-year-old ... . And was able to break open the gates of debut somehow "This GEISAI " .

Not a privilege of youth nothing chance of debut , it also I think also that it , or not the episode to support the merit system in " GEISAI " . "What you can speak properly their own will ," " to understand what the other party whether the demand ," " be considered the benefits of the other party ," " vinegared cut , that you protect the time ," " personality of you, and use words , clothes " " judgment" would come out insidiously " test that are invisible to the naked eye " person from our professional and is repeated in sequence to instantly to the base of its own , such as .

Career official 's leave the results up to this , you will be able to be called the value of experience in the last minute , which is supported by past failures . "I think artists of nameless " that does not enter the ring of professional still and also want to use strategically this event " GEISAI " In that sense , and participants people Diller professional also on the lookout the Why not try a selection . We would like you to search on the lookout what to professional dealers who lament that there is no good Tonto artists recently .

I've been awarded in a competition that is well " Fasttrack " basis at a young age years in reverse , but writers in order , then is not followed also seen many . This is evident from the fact that not only a few people who have been continuously winning the predecessor of GEISAI and "Art Dojo GP " and " GEISAI-1 " . It is not just scout and winning in just a " starting point " , and for survival as a writer of true from there , is Sabaivu~aru I would inevitably begin . World " living good good , scary return " of exactly . In the heart of " resident battlefield " , please challenging the review with a sense of tension person of the exhibitors .

Balance of competition C, and sale

This is a difficult place honest . The personal thoughts of I, the organizer , and " GEISAI " because is a festival of art , you'll have everything ... . It is a paradox that has gone from thinking only of the momentum . But I'm supposed to say even a number of fun way to art . To determine the path to professional also good , to sell works to polish the sales pitch of their own also is good . And even just make friends in mediating the work announcement , it is significant . And sales competition .

Competition first . I believe my personal views and events enliven the festival only . It should be no opportunity Oh yeah , etc. get to see a professional artist That said . The everyone of participant who is paying me a high participation costs are being born from the idea to want to make a gimmick like you can enjoy again and again . Diller professional to the scout , scene art version of " A Star Is Born " are also organized by the same concept . I have been proud " GEISAI " is being directed to the limit access to the things uncertain number were also fenced beam called "evaluation" .

And sale . Evaluation axis of competition is a personal thing of senior artists only . Is an important point in the sale is over should be partly evaluation axis directed to the mass more . However, I will advise the etiquette of selling a minimum here . Want there to discern the Minohodo . Beauty taikei students who do not know at all that the market belief " there is a fondness for this work , is the size of the No. 30 because it took three months to draw , but it? What about 2 million yen" , something like you should know that you do the pricing that far removed from the real world by , has seen a white eye from the people of the general public how much , or whether it be fall confidence in the world of art .

Even in the work of such fellows if there is a charm furiously works , a professional hand is stretched out , polite Lecture over is given , proper ( well , but there is also that professional dealers are organized to unspeakable of convenience , of course) own This is why you are getting to know the price , but would not real such as pricing , also supposed to Read to those who are not. In other words I would completely abandoned .

First, the Nari to interview the people of booths selling , those who know the real information , I want to help in the sale of self-built , may hurt his bosom Your Own! The Nari to participate in what we hosted on July 14 that was ahead just before the " GEISAI-2 " this time , such as " reasonable price review meetings " to purchase the work which I thought , and also , Nari get a feeling , should be the research and effort of its own way . It does not mean information comes together in silence .

It is a matter of course , but Attitude to people of the judges , I be sure to observe the following manners . There is a scene or talk to the person who fellows you have mistaken well is without a name already in use words such as friends , but attitude like that is out of the question .

4 . Event

As before , make the event without a ceasing time in the venue this time . Up to the moment you return the general visitor from admission when you amateur Diller , we are packed tightly the program as much as it can be . Please do indulged festival of art .

5 . Future

I think that is allowed to expand the scale in the future , it is representative of art events in Japan , " GEISAI " series and would like to develop together Shitsujitsu As I mentioned at the beginning . In the first year , " GEISAI " series launched in October , and then run the overseas expansion as early . The named " GEISAI- Shanghai -1" . That's right . It suggests that not a single trial of this , I tried to numbering dare . I think now people increasingly friction from industry and small problems and become stronger. But I believe that by taking the course to the " revolution " in the name of art , can be in hand in this event a real sense I really need art people to go live , and want began to run with you . I am planning to April of 2003 GEISAI following in Japan . The subtitle is fantasmo as " GEISAI-3/EYEOFTHETIGER!-By Survivor " . Be prepared to read depth from now the theme .

So enjoy " GEISAI-2, Return of dream factory " celebration of art in midsummer Big site .