The survival in the " Art Restoration " , you can do survive ?

Hello, everyone . It is Takashi Murakami Chiaman this event of " GEISAI " .

1 year from " GEISAI " launch . Want to be revolutionary at the same time the " festival of art " and " gateway to success competition of young artists " and " Art free market" ! " Celebration of art " thinks " GEISAI " series was also marks the third time finally .

Looking back , last spring " GEISAI-1 " from ( Tokyo Tower Amusement Hall ) , to be held without putting the hair for " GEISAI-2 " to ( Tokyo Big Sight ) of summer ! Even while suffering in organizing events that do not get used we , your encouragement and your instructions from everyone , and received overwhelming pep talk , while sparked the pros and cons of the industry , I was able to attain to the place this time . But I did not think third time that's so hard . We would like to advance the page - " social reform in the art" it has changed in 2003 " GEISAI " , abandoned the " Restoration of Art" . This is a state that is reclaimed wasteland of " Japan without art scene " currently , but the air holes are beginning to free art scene certainly . And let's say it 's not only in Japan . Revolution is already begun .

This " GEISAI-3 " is changed to " only one day" , a session that, until now, were two days . This is a big change of direction we " review , announcement , event , sale , want to improve the " concentration of events " compressed into one day it all " and , the ever-changing , this is new from the " GEISAI " proposal . In other words, is the " new mechanism " to be up the heat too much with a sense of tension both organizers , exhibitors , visitor .

Speaking of other points , it has changed , will be held at " Pacifico Yokohama " transfer port , in Yokohama venue this time . Location made ​​international art fair from Japan also " NICAF ," that this venue to go to the challenge to the art industry to new stored in the fan art , international exhibition " Yokohama Triennale " , and also carried out is , the context is the venue of choice .

"What GEISAI " is whether the show prior to the event these ? I think that initializes the memory and history , and to set up a field of new art revolution with you . Please pay attention to the general exhibitors this time " GEISAI-3 " in that sense . You say also , booth application in excess of 1,015 scheduled to be released in flooded this time . A result that was considered in the Executive Committee this situation , organized by professional artists was well received in the " GEISAI-2 ", " artist booth " is abolished completely . The minute , I was allowed to increase the amount of general participation booth .

There is I think by this policy change , everyone of general booth , would like to entrust the hands of each and every climax of this time . Without wishing to be bound by name value eyes of visitors , being poured booth of everyone , in every single piece . This responsibility serious . To not judge , hardball with visitors waiting . Genuine , one person participant is very leading role , one person one person the audience is going to made ​​the situation .

In addition , related events to present the " art world reformation ," " GEISAI " send " GEISAI University" has also been activated . In order to develop an artist with the strength more , once a month , I , support from the side GEISAI exhibitors " way to professional artists " and " a fair price description of work " under the guidance of Takashi Murakami . Was produced a large number of people who became the driving force behind the " Meiji Restoration " , so to speak , lecture realistic does not tell you in art class system school from the "on-site " are those of Yoshida Shoin , such as " Matsushita Sonjuku " . Consciousness revolution or born in the " GEISAI-3 " to exhibitors who received lecture really ? Well , this is too much to say ... . It is one of the attractions to look forward .

Central figure of the Meiji Restoration , I say " interesting the world without also interesting " is Takasugi Shinsaku , but is aggregated to trying to build a " celebration of the art" in Japan without art scene " GEISAI " spirits word . On the lookout every inch of the venue , we feel some resistance yet unseen in " Art gemstone " we , everyone of your visitors , please join in this " festival of extraordinary " .