Hello, everyone . It is Takashi Murakami GEISAI Chiaman , the artist . Fourth time that this event also repeat the number , I was able to greet the " GEISAI-4 " .

It is held on the back to Tokyo Big Sight in one year swing .

Was in the school festival Spirit of GEISAI!

The title of this time the " school festival that does not end " . Implications " . Built as event the excitement of school festival " concept which became the base of GEISAI originally of course , those over the age of 35 , that is theatrical animated film 2 Beautiful Dreamer 'em stars "sell to people of the same generation with me it will be to recall " . Protagonists to fuss with staying somewhere due to circumstances Ahead in the next day school festival . But many days even after , " the day before school festival " is repeated without having to visit the school festival day , the story of ... , no one noticed it. Not only anime scene at the time , this movie the pursuit of school festival , the "non- daily life in the day-to-day " that everyone experienced , sublimated in SF fantasy of first class is , a great impact on the subculture scene , I also remember the strong sympathy . I myself , a student of Tokyo University of the Arts , it is because , I did spend the day-to-day that I devoted to school festival 20 years ago . In comparison with my situation now have done exhibitions all over the world , excitement at the time of the " school festival " will remain as a memory is comparable , the best .

There were met , bustle , trade , and dead-serious ideas and principles are there . And that it is the origin of GEISAI. GEISAI also , so strong that it , want something to remember the amount of heat 20 years ago , I myself felt to be " alive " in this moment of " school festival " , that is a intended to realize a real "free" please .

This time , worthy of the title of this " school festival that does not end " , September 12 " GEISAI-4 " just before and Friday , September 14 " GEISAI-4 " on the day (Sun ) , also my alma mater some "Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music school Festival" also have been made . Coincidentally, both dates had suffered this . Both days , visit originator to " Arts Festival" would not fulfill Unfortunately , " GEISAI-4 " viewing after the end , everyone in the audience stopped upstream to the " Arts Festival" by all means people " GEISAI-4 " booth exhibitors Try . It will be the excitement of the " originator " can also be experience .

"And GEISAI-4 " , " GEISAI Museum " birth

I move the story of our " GEISAI-4 " . I think it was surprised to Main Draw jury of this first of a lot . Have no one to stick with the "artist " in the title this time . Mr. Toshiro Kawase flower people , Sawaragi Noi said art critic , Terada Katsuya cartoon illustrator , NIGO Mr. A BATHING APE of (R) producer , judges , five of Furukawamiki Mr. SUPERCAR.

Such , as a result of the casting needle is " shaking off " of the judges in the direction of some one , there are two directions reality when she came visible . That says "Artist" , and may not enter the title of creators in Japan one . That Musicians and comics flower arrangement , and fashion producer or not are sending a free creative life as "Artist" defintely like everyone of the judges of this time .

However , on the other hand, having said that , in the form without a client , some people uses to draw a picture freely, sculpture , want or make a video to the end, without a client , and the border of art and illustrations irrelevant , or form that I was only Nya fu from my big city , there are many people who also want to be "Artist" anyway . I can not agree suffered a crown of " artists " , the way of life that the tranquility Personally , Because it is a type to make dance themselves on the iron plate which is heated to tick , but the framework of the established art somehow by using the break , to plow the soil on the other hand , you want to rebuild the creative Japanese . The GEISAI is also a testing ground for the fastest .

I think that some people you already know , but this year , new GEISAI another , " GEISAI museum " is born from GEISAI.

Has been re- question state-owned , public will be a limbo , such as semi-private , collection of art work also does not do , what was the role of the museum , museum of Japan's current , serious it is at a crossroads . " Ghibli Studio Ghibli three-dimensional molding thing Exhibition full " and at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo , Kyoto National Museum , such as " Art of Star Wars Exhibition" , borrows the content of major entertainment movies of big name , sideshow as a result Turn off the re- start as , and some bought the ridicule of the world . ( I 'm all ! ... So . Then I've been told you super flat to me personally ) current values ​​so far in the " art " was rout , what for Japan and " art " together ? Its meaning has been questioned.

First single " GEISAI Museum " , from the museum with the possibility that will open the air hole in such a Museum of Japanese Art world that was closed , we invited everyone the judges .

I spread Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum director Okamoto Toshiko said , the frame of the Museum Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito artistic director , Eriko Osaka Mr. me to respect the curation power , seeking a new museum box office style through events and exhibits Mori Art Museum deputy director , Fumio Nanjo and director Kitahara Teruhisa said , the toy Museum in Yokohama tin , and ( April inauguration scheduled in 2004 ) Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is a new museum to refrain from open ( tentative name ) director - Mino Yutaka Mr. .

We want to make the aperture sights on right in the middle art industry of Japan , in the face every barrel怱people , gangs are different from GEISAI so far , the GEISAI hard edge . And GEISAI the " GEISAI Museum " , the ins and outs of one coin . It is a relationship that is complementary to one world in two . However, do not know whether there are art people hard edge that meet the expectations of much in the ... who wish to participate , booth number is the start of a scale a minimum . December 14, this year held at the ( day ) Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 24F special site . Call for Participation has also already started . ⇒ refer to the application guideline for more information .

Thus , the " GEISAI " project , angle multilayered contiguous with in this way , site Nagging is expected . What's come out of here? However, the planning of such a future or anything , I do not talk about by eliminating the amount of heat Ekijibitto this . Summer 2003 , " GEISAI-4 " . I expect an upsurge in everyone of the general audience and booth participants , by all means .

And finally

Looking at the GEISAI-2 of last year , experts of three people had been three-way conversation to fish GEISAI in " BT / Art Techo " magazine . Among them , Mr. Minoru Shimizu of art critic was Ihanachi way . Extent that " you say Takashi Murakami , called the new rules for the Western does not come totally visible from GEISAI " become . Swallowed Kakaru out to throat , a cold word , I just will continue to run . GEISAI what , because art is the first revolution of the 21st century who went for changing the art world .