Hello, everyone . It is Takashi Murakami GEISAI Chiaman . GEISAI also repeated number , marks the spring of third year finally , through the end of last year the " GEISAI museum " and became the sixth in total . And came back to Yokohama " GEISAI-5 !" ! I will be held at Pacifico Yokohama .

GEISAI theme is always surprised .

As GEISAI jury , what Nana , it is the appearance of Yuming this time . And Sokabe Keiichi 's new face of one person and the other is < musicians > . I myself was surprised that the top or should , the person who was surprised at the jury selection often . People of the judges of the three others are people that have participated for the past . Anno Moyoko 's < cartoonist > ( second time , arts dojo GP) Yoshitomo Nara < artist > ( third , arts dojo GP, GEISAI-2) Hibino Katsuhiko < artist > ( third , GEISAI-1, 3)

It is the people who represent the cultural scene of Japan exactly . What is the true value of surprise GEISAI anyway . It is a festival no matter how you look at it . Faces of the judges like this can not be achieved only in GEISAI. Jury unique to determine , the best work or become what . Everyone , please stay tuned if .

" Sell art , you can buy " GEISAI as a site .

" GEISAI " also marks the six total , along with the "pro debut " , " expansion of the art market " challenge that aims we also have to take shape gradually . The signs were seen here and there took place at the end of last year in " GEISAI Museum " . Kinoshita Masao -kun at position 1 thing than one prize work itself Kitahara Teruhisa Mr. judges also , also purchased nine points , and also went 2 -minute body of the back order . On the other hand , draw oil paintings that combine the nude girl and mythology , Matsuyama Ken does not do any prize once so far , but I have extended the work sales results every time , at last in " GEISAI Museum ", " 1 million yen " the break through .

I Sagashiate in the wake of the market GEISAI his own . Total 47 points sold out in 11 points in the morning painting and drawing 36 points Iwasaki Yukiko regular more! With the advent of exhibitors projecting these , values ​​and another examination are also beginning to birth . In fact , work totals sales of " GEISAI Museum " exhibitors , that led to the majority of the participants overall came out . Not only see the work , customers come to GEISAI is , I would say the proof is beginning to visitors as of sense of " trying to buy " .

PROJECT " can be ordered !" Start-up

On stream these , this time , it 's allowed to GEISAI new proposal from the Executive Committee to PROJECT " can be ordered !" Is . This is a system that visitor will order " they want " works a writer , ask to delivery at the venue . "It is the order of art audience participation " so to speak . It is the lotus Because I be informed by email as early as exhibitors , sign board and say, " can order " are listed in the booth orderable at the venue and the current " GEISAI-5 " .

Starting point of this project was born when you talk brand of luxury men's shoes , and the press Qin Mariko Berurutti of (LVMH group ) . I have you visited the " GEISAI museum " , it was very interesting but the thing with , was dissatisfied 's not have from our side of the Activities and adventures . In recent years , launched a service that you can order to choose freely the type of shoe , as well as color , even the design of the tattoo of the motif along the hope of customers , " Berurutti " is well received very Mariko is to you say said, that will be obtained . The price of the order shoes as many as several hundreds of thousand yen whatever it may , there are situations in which such shoes One & Only is are beginning to vogue now , has come magazine of shoes to a professional be published . We had the view that communication and recipients caller information , mutual is important industry in the rise , while in your self-styled art complacent in the way , and such , would not be hard to sell things . In addition , I received a reference example the following If I had asked their opinions on the sale of art and works like Jiro Sato Qin , president of Louis Vuitton Japan .

The story of photographer Gregory Colbert of Europe .

Colbert to shoot a motif communication of animals and humans , such as elephants and whales , photo artists to use a special technique to paint the emulsion to a large Japanese paper vertical side 5m 20m class , and to transfer the photos . Exhibition of huge work above the exhibition at the ship dock in Venice that has been done in Venice Vu~ien'nare . 10 years, seems to have carried out the expedition India , Burma , Sri Lanka , Thailand , Egypt , Dominica , Tonga to the shooting . In addition, I have sold quite work in a special style , invited to the island the client , he says words of animal is seen that , to stop the shoulder of guests who by calling close to the eagle in the sky . I sell as each piece , what have taken the state . In other words, is that they sell the art as participatory art that was packed with personal experience of the island .

Consumers us " anything into the hands " of today , tend to becoming stronger feelings to seek own original , something close to personal are demanding more like this . I got the story is that in such a climate , what one point is commissioning work more personal in the world of art keynote originally , that I might be said also in the form of art of ultimate .

"I sold to build and work . To live "

I myself was also contracted to production orders to his youth . As we go according to the order , the or even opposite to the problem of " money " as a stepping stone to Guests can suffer the question " claim his sure everyone is put " and to work , to sell work further , go go eat was . Amateur embark there it is that you need the courage . Confronting the work in solitude as before , the fight might also be good . But it's a try to complete the piece in place of " conflict with the claims of artists and work orders " to face without fail as the professional or would not be interesting .

However, that system of work orders is what degree of difficulty is high as communication .

You may say that " I want to create a kind of work " , and may in consequence you could accidentally cold soon , the offered works that artists also do not want to make , suffering , work that does not finish this . Originally , galleries and role of acting the " complicated things " such is is the agent , but as a share , is subtracted the amount a lot of work sales that " Yayakoshi is " . But is such a place it's possible relying on others in such " GEISAI " and presides over yourself .

Dynamism that unlike that act to sell the works anyway , of buying make a piece is overflowing. Some of the customers , to draw attention of the writer , there may be some people who come to the appropriate order . There, you can take firm and the memorandum and trading of cash only , self- protection is also important . At the same time , " keeping the promise " is also important artists . While I have the deposit , if not send the work to the client on time , it is with the fraud . You can expect great results side to be ordered , side to , decide the rules of both , and the communication , if Mamorere the " promise " . It may be possible " to Yukeru to eat only GEISAI " also as a celebration of Wonder Festival figure and celebration of Comic Market doujinshi the way up to you.

The production works , exhibitors might have had enough in the evaluation of the examination until now , but how about the first time thought the relationship with our customers soon . Together with an event of aspiring writer , GEISAI from is the Art Festival of the Future opened you can enjoy also the general audience . Main line examination as well , please note all means this new plan can be " order " to the project .

In addition , I am sorry , for the trouble about this project , and GEISAI Executive Committee , Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. can not hold any responsibility . So that you will be able to service you understand it enough that point , and attention , thank you.