Hi there It is GEISAI the scale has become larger each time you celebrated its third year , I repeat the number , I think that seems to have been changing little by little in contents .

GEISAI is what you aimed at the development of the art market of its own possibility of Art in Japan , not a Western type . Including the exhibition and sale of works of artists , where the competition , such as concerts , various elements are set , is the event that is like the school festival , people to join some people went to see and be able to enjoy .

Except that the nerdy events such as Comic Market was originally a reference held , and broaden the horizons , we continue to develop into a customer base that the contents were also very different in practice. It was strongly felt it , and that of Switzerland that have made the other day in the " Basel Art Fair " . This is where the well-known collectors of art come on or Wansa from all over the world . Exhibit galleries , so come prepared and show off in front of new faces and new works that build down for this fair , and it is to the location of the "discovery" for collectors . So, about an hour of immediately prior to opening , somehow , mood was excitement like Wonder Festival and Comiket , a geek celebration basis and " ! Run, " was also floating around the venue . The West and Japan , customers who buy the art is different of course . Collectors , such as the Western is not yet grown up , and there is no such soils .

But I think simply because it is Japan there is only one enclosed called " the masses " , and , in that there is to be able to . It , and do not you GEISAI still .

So as not to end up with only the images of the school festival GEISAI, I want you to know a variety of more people . For example , I want you to come to the people , such as those bought the interior , the fashion until now , and I want you to have an interest in art more willingly . We believe that for that , and it is also necessary to go be more mature , the GEISAI itself . Artists , of course , GEISAI is we should is the place to be in the "discovery" as well as art and stakeholders art collector , for everyone .