Spring GEISAI. I finally start this time . And it is held with the Tokyo Big Sight East Building in the spring and summer in a row.

I came to come and continue to expand the new attempt , but each and every time , renewal , WEB and staff renewed this time . I come to run the transformation and trying psyched to spread the rock-solid system .

In response to the number of people of visitors also increased from the previous , mutual reaction of exhibitors and visitors is of came become active , thinking the event of shifting the perspective to approach to everyone of visitors this time I saw . One of them is the " Medalist Exhibition" .

By using to show off in front at once at the venue of GEISAI # 7, a new set of 24 pairs all successive medalist of gold , silver and copper up to 1 ~ GEISAI # 6 GEISAI # including the "Art Dojo GP " , for those visitors or not you are interested in to understand at a glance of Spec of GEISAI? We planned in feeling that . GEISAI medalists is the star artists in a sense.

Without a tendency to a constant in the direction of the judges change every time , is a collection of movers and shakers of our true winners a fierce battle without criteria exactly . Whether there was attractive to anywhere in the work of their superior . I want to make sure in the eyes of your own means . And I want you to feel a piece of art the fastest of Japan today . 'm Want pounding .

Is to everyone of booth exhibitors , space is provided in the sure to be a great opportunity to have you look again the real power of the medalists and the rediscovery of the quality of GEISAI course . It was also produced catalog of medalists in conjunction with this exhibition medalist . Take a look by all means there .

Jury . We kept on choosing the elaborately every time also here. I called your talented art producer of two , Paul Schimmel ( Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, general director ) , Tomuekurusu (NYC Public Art Foundation , Director) from the United States this time .

( For 2 people, both had positive have in Jibara airfare and accommodation fee . Big thanks !)

Tetsuro Nagase like an up-and-coming as a stylist and . Kazuyo Sejima like that has been awarded the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Architecture Biennale last year in the design of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa . And Miyazaki Aoi and like the art very existence . I will review them slip through between the actual booth . Scout our Amata also Neriarui the venue .

And you too , I also , is the place , that a certain sense , as GEISAI petit jury , to discover new talent , you can meet . I think to buy a piece that you like , and some people a variety of ways to enjoy , the way you feel in person ... GEISAI to enjoy the interaction with the writer . Everyone of visitors also become one GEISAI participant , please new discoveries in GEISAI!

Oh , I Still hot eyes to GEISAI of Art officials overseas . Please feel at all means the venue that reality .