Revolution Japanese art world occur?

The origin of one . " GEISAI " and " Terakoya "

Origin that caused the " GEISAI " was the scene of education " Terakoya " of the Edo period . I want to make made ​​a clear distinction from the structure that create a " culture tank of eggs our writer " responsible for the future Japanese art , of art , Western art , art slide into origin , unique to Japan a new "system" . And , it is not cured even take going to become the foundation 's the " human resources " . Is it not possible to organize well art of Japanese-style going to train its human resources , the educational institutions of art ? To make a reasoning to experiment in the field , would not have been taught in the field College of Art and the current of the College of Art Education , a " communication skills in order to continue to face the world " , to training , can be assumed to result , that they would sail into the real world . We have high hopes to be , want to make such a mechanism , the event is the predecessor of " GEISAI " "Art Dojo " was launched .

The gallery space of the department store in Harajuku that LAPNET SHIP ( Follett Harajuku ) , you can spread the tatami , venue was displayed on the flavor and " dojo " exactly . To conduct a review to selected students in the file that came sent , to obtain a student to choose about 50 people a " dojo raw" we . And , first review meetings of the work has been carried out in the form of joint and critique and audit of the guest lecturer for three days , three sets , and presentation , of his own work . Choice excellent work , a writer from this , was the last event that incorporates the intricate system a lot of , do an exhibition on the ring the same as our " professional artists of three sets " . This was fairly close to my ideal with first . But not a complete type . It was the start of " GEISAI " from 2002 in order to go to solve the reflection point of this event , go undergone a change little by little , and also the name , change .

With origin from such a core of " GEISAI " I was the event that you have a concept educational . I want you to go and learn in the form in line with the reality of Japanese society , how to debut to the professional , sales methods of work , buyers , such as the view . That you continue to provide such a field is 's the foundation of " GEISAI " .

Dissatisfaction with the 2 . Japanese art industry

Against the Japanese art world , I feel doubt and despair which is not wiped . I do not believe in the art market of Japan , and there is also unhappy with the origins of the museum . If you dont get down consciousness of human beings working there , lack of vision , it is resentment against the situation of those art industry . And you lead and closure of public museum build-up from is , recently , has become a hot topic , the slapstick course of budget shortfalls , it's as soon as you have the seen and heard and felt even in thrilling rather . But that will transform from foundation things , would not in that easy . If an organ of public said special , and museums , it is necessary to put as an element of management also interact with the public . Then there will also be the focal point to the target that has been determined would also shake . Miscellaneous duties clerk named " curator " is , could also sympathize with business which is not done Some even work all the time around this door also . However , there will be the clue to the modification in such a field , and it should be is about to announce to the art industry magazine , the "discovery of the foundation " like going to change the mechanism .

There must be reality and crammed , the distance of the scene of the ideal it would be what kind of society . Is what vis to labor did not regret , people living in this industry , would be to long , it came to forget , and squeeze the wisdom and courage to go fill in the meantime . For reaching the person who responsible for the art market , there is no sign of the writing of trust recovery scenario to the market was tarnished in the bubble economy at the time , contemporary art , art speculation a very low level , such as exactly the same time in recent years fellow that recommended collectors and dark , to ignorant amateur avid collector also has emerged .

Also if this goes on , let me trust prophecy of art industry in Japan and , to fall in a few years . I think it is now so if that happens , including the storage of himself , and I'll laugh at . And also art journalism Japanese art market is not in the field , those who carried out the modification would be better and devise art vision a SF Chick thin basis , the magazine of the only overseas report there is no reality . Not only " big furoshiki " , we 'm waiting for " information that connotation " which concentrated .

3. "GEISAI Museum "

No surprise here , people judge that I am participating in the " GEISAI museum " is a people responsible for the top of the organization or director , and museum all museums . It is those who made ​​a clear distinction from the museum , such as those described above any person , and really wanted to improve the industry , you are running efforts .

They have the right eye . It is a Top of the top museum officials in Japan currently , it is considered , I believe so . I just hope for young artists this time , will be reviewed , get ornamental work "This GEISAI museum ," and want to become a gospel that predict the future of the participating artists . Also is a leading role in the field , for young artists , people of the judges is higher , possibly due poor communication is direct experience . It is thought that for you , this " GEISAI Museum " is , me become partners and Ninaeru both the Revolution of art industry , with artists , a place of good meeting , we would like to the setting as much as possible .

The difference I went four times in the past as " GEISAI " of this time of " GEISAI museum " is not only face each of the judges . Go ahead , screening method was also drastic changes this time . In other words, the proposed mechanism not a competition to determine the top three awards , each judge is going to put a number to exhibitors of all , to the lowest of determining from first place in the total point " Full standings full decision system " issued .

The participants , the officials , there are pros and cons but the knowledge . But in my experience , in the art industry in reality , there , rankings are enforced always implicit . Up rainfall of this ranking is one in which what Chigae speed , similar to the ranking of the music industry . I thought to experience the John also not a bad experience - miniature Valentino of how it works .

4. By young people!

" GEISAI " is a springboard of breakthrough for the artist you ! I think it is or is opinion arise in great numbers from all of you over the progress and management , but also in the art industry in the wide world, that it is an event and serving as singularity of Chodokyu no doubt . What is the pride , is an energy that propels the " GEISAI " , I did not regret going to the effort to go to events that everyone who participated in the end may be satisfied .

Well, whatsoever , first I want you to experience , of our " GEISAI " . GEISAI these projects in anticipation of the 20 or 30 years later to go to reform the art scene in the world , does not begin and then without participation of everyone .

24 Roppongi Hills Museum of the most radical " Mori Art Museum " is refrain , Mori Tower , venue of this is carried out in a special venue . Moment of revolution . To " GEISAI museum " , I want you go to visit all means . I want you to find a species that creates the future of art as experience of the history , as witnesses , and to experience all the body , this art event . And I think to grow the seed now what , and want a Japanese itself .

GEISAI Chiaman / Takashi Murakami