GEISAI Museum#2

Hello everybody! It is Takashi Murakami Chiaman . It is a full-fledged revival GEISAI, of finally has .

Also , in it I went overseas box office of the help eaves of art fair in Miami and Basel , to see the situation of Japanese art bubble that is making noise in the media in recent years , new leaf . And He saw also a new ambition .

Revival in such a place . I box office in quick succession in May , and September . GEISAI came to push forward the slogan " ! Market of new art in Japan" once . However , I was going to the store once Tatamo for several reasons .

Constant of 1 . Exhibitors us . Sense of crisis to the realities that come to Petit Competition mosquitoes.

Authority of deceiver of 2.GEISAI. Fear of the outbreak of the green harvest .

Because I think 3 . Nippon Art bubble starts and purpose of GEISAI initially ! " The new art market in Japan" as meaningless mosquitoes.

So, what I thought why try and resurrection .

In order to see that the art bubble in Japan 1 . Currently no different art bubble 20 years ago, I convinced slogan ! " The new art market in Japan" is enabled .

Because I can objectively Fair of Japan with the information appeal to the art of two people . Overseas , and there is only GEISAI.

Because of the self-confidence 3 . Art bubble also ceased in full this year , GEISAI that can be a pilot in the industry that would lose the destination .

Is the equal .
Late 60's , (iTunes is I have changed everything now ) MTV so that has changed all of the music industry in the 1980s with The Beatles , Bob Dylan and appeared art industry now is a large explosion has been forced to change to .

Origin that can be to the world in the place that was applied by the deformation of the Japan template of Western art formula does not make forever . Now , it is possible to undertake that no one is trying to do just that. That is the mission of art revolution GEISAI.

Destination is easy . What Tsukitsumeyo Real of one individual ? Whether the original ! You can now just it . The Well ! Can fire the Revolution with the feeling one of you , in the ! Let rise , with us !

Chairman Takashi Murakami