I think sincerely pleased , the one held GEISAI TAIWAN # of Taipei in Taiwan .

Everyone of Taiwan , hello .

It is the artist Takashi Murakami .

Thank sincerely , to the edge you and Taiwan this time , I feel sincerely pleased .

Why , I will tell you why of what was decided that art events GEISAI of Japan thus to come to Taiwan .

Two years ago , my book "Art Entrepreneurship Theory " is translated in Taiwan, has been published . The one that had been in charge of the translation at that time , was a Japanese branch president Jiang Ming ball 's AZIO ENTERTAINMENT is a company in Taiwan .

When the meeting together for the first time with me , Mr. Jiang said this. "I hated that of Murakami . However , view of Murakami has changed it from letting me a this translation . It is a very honest " when he said in fluent Japanese this word , and Mr. Jiang , I felt a curious coincidence .

After that , " art entrepreneurship theory" is translated in Taiwan , was published , with or I have you planning run lectures , each other went deep met little by little . Then , and Mr. Jiang , the operation of GEISAI in Japan even if I have to help Japanese branch of AZIO ENTERTAINMENT, leads to held in Taiwan thus this time is drawn in the flow .

There is a large common ambition in me with her . It is the enthusiasm for cultural exchange between international . That I worked as an artist , to introduce the art of Japan to many countries as an intermediary the art went to work in the main . Jiang 's , had been the work you say or I take the box office idol of Japan to mainland China or Taiwan or bring the box office entertainer of Taiwan to Japan . I feel that get a mutual understanding that you say that it do have the strong passion not only juggle cool as work , depth of understanding to be more in-depth is did you them .

In the meantime , and Ri sure to convince headquarters of the Japanese branch of AZIO ENTERTAINMENT, the old chairman of Taiwan land development , and I have attached the sponsorship overall , it was decided that GEISAI will be held in a big way in Taiwan is . Now , GEISAI the Japanese mind-blowing , Taiwan GEISAI ♯ 1 in the preparation stage , has received a presentation is going to be a glittering event , stomach seems to jump out from the mouth too excited .

GEISAI is an event many ask myself really . It does not seem to want to understand such a figure Japan though it is art developing countries , is Kimekoma the ignored to GEISAI it fails, then go to art events that mimic the Western Europe forever , there is no Tatsuse quite . It came operated by quite painful environment . There was also became the burden of companies as fall .

However , I came in never give up about eight years . And then , encounter encounter , Jiang 's , with such a nice sudden chairman is is me come carrying a magic .

Come continues to run at the thought that willl " ? Wonder What important thing for me really ," I want to say toward the people of young artists , it is an impact correct socially always Deaeru to those who know me If so . So , I believe , do not lose , good luck to the single-mindedness ! I want to say , and God of art that you want to sincerely thank the chairman suddenly , even Mr. Jiang then me signed a bond of friendship of more than gratitude , , , something like that

I want to say "thank you" to have put only and so .

I think that 's art , and a tool of communication of one . I think this kind of event itself and it is art , and I think good time , spend the time to get too excited 's art with you . And I can not be of that time to the excitement is not alive . I can not think it from the dead .

Of that art is an area of almost 's enjoy watching what he left the dead , but of that art a living human being with each other is selected so as to be able to share the joy is the best part of such live .

So, try to fail , but it would not work , but does not have to go on one's own way , earnestly , that he had thought to be a justice in their own values ​​and society , let's continue to do all means . And then , I think people who understand that their own one day appeared , and holding hands with the people , and it would be able to live happily painful way .

As proof of such friendship , 1,1 th GEISAI TAIWAN # was born as a sign of friendship of man and Japanese man of Taiwan . While sincerely hope , that it is possible to carry on the second , the third time also the trajectory this , and very excited with you egg artist in Taiwan , shedding in tears holding hands with everyone in the end , also, let's just swear to hold a GEISAI of next year .

See you at the venue .

Chaireman Takashi Murakami