Everybody , hello . Is Takashi Murakami .

You have gotten your edge in the land of Taiwan from last year , thus will be held GEISAI # 2 in Taipei , that which you can let the deep exchange at the ART and everyone in Taiwan is the greatest joy . Thanks to God our eight million !

Founded in this land of Taiwan kaikaikiki gallery , half a year from June , continues to hold as monthly event planning and production of the exhibition in 2010 both bigart colleagues Taiwan and land development is a main sponsor of GESIAI I'm coming Te .

Each month , to stay in Taiwan 4 to 5 , and produced an exhibition , we met with the people of Taiwan ART many scenes . I feel like being able to share a little bit the problems little by little , to come beginning to understand ART situation of Taiwan , everyone of young debut before are having has .

Main issue of frustration that everyone of young artists who met at GEISAI Taipei last year have is things like the " career that would determined by the connection " . In other words , I heard was that and mediation of the teacher of College of Art , and customer gallery to announce in grew up , family and would decided , amateur can not debut , and that , painful successful even made ​​.

Japan also had the same problem about 40 years ago in a book, at that time , sense of stagnation referred to as " ! Can not escape from this situation absolutely " will think I've filled full , but now of 2010 , it is not at all such conflicts , etc. .

Is 0 ( zero ) . So , ART circles of Taiwan should also be close to the day you want to solve such a problem .

Rather than those sections superficial , the problem of technology training and actual training of mind to work production of the artist himself . I think either set of assessment axis of ability . When you go How does go to build the process of promoting growth as a writer .

First , competition format , such as GEISAI also is one way , but whether it is possible to yourself that question myself , someone than that .

Why I thought to become writers ( artists ) . Events that you want to express your own something ? This place that there is a yourself ? Countries is born ? Situation that was placed in the country ? Distance between the reality of their own for that thing ? What do you want to to become an artist ? Just want to be famous ? Do you want to take the relationship to what was said and society ?

I think the idea with you , the part that says what , and should go to the search for a way to go on the run .

This is the slogan of GEISAI ? " Do you play art to death " . I was raised 10 years ago .

You either continue to have the sincerity to that you seek this or that art to the death , to go building a work of art. I have raised this slogan as a message to young artists and , as word of Jikai to itself .

Under this slogan , you can ask your heart true , do you Tsuranukeru sincerity work production without pretense , attitude towards life , in art.

As opposed to quickly frustrated FOR CARRYING OUT Ideally, struggle to be performed over a lifetime. I think people continue to art it 's artist , .

GEISAI is an event that ( I'm different The term of pampering and , even if I say ! ) To support the people of such artists liven up feeling so dent .

By all means, please enjoy it .

And please look for a life go together , " fellow " !

Chairman Takashi Murakami