Everyone of Taiwan , hello everyone of art fans.
It is Murakami GEISAI Chairman.

There are Tohoku Earthquake in Japan in 2011 , I have received donations from Taiwan aid to the earthquake , you feel , various things.

We are thinking that you can forget your feelings kindness of this appreciation , and if you can do is allowed to give back continuously in some way.

Personally , and I am indebted to the Apple Daily 's in a project called New Day, we received support to people - Entertainment many me.

It has changed , thank you very much.

We have been doing in Taiwan Taipei City GEISAI 2 years .邱会length of Taiwan land development was held as a sponsor and founder at first , I have come to be held in Saihai Jiang 's AZIO ENTERTAINMENT & BIG ART from last year.

Mission of When I do the GEISAI in Taiwan over

●able to produce artists from the land of Taiwan , can play an active part in the international circuit .

, , , It is .

Well , the possibilities I wonder what about ? You will want to see the results soon might be also humanity.
How is it ? Everyone in the art scene in Taiwan.
What , did you change ?

Future , I decided to such space and , to or even subjected to workshops and talk shows on a regular basis over the past two years , as she had been in the Kaikai Kiki , like can also exhibition GEISAI graduates also open . Name Hidari Zingaro. It is the alternative space you are to running since last year in Japan.

Provide GEISAI, award , announced workshops , individual writers . . .

To put it as follows this trend ,

● I discover.
● I enlighten.
● I educate.
● I practice.

It becomes . When I continued to run ten years , and have kept on doing all of them , for the first time , I feel that singularity is born is to.

In order to achieve this mission , I went talk shows , workshops , etc. and regular holding of GEISAI. Therefore , within the past two years , I have also created a hub of activity . We've decided to alternative space called Hidari Zingaro in December and galleries, Kaikai Kiki also open.

The excavation , to training , to grow with education.

How far and persist its cycle , or from being infiltrated . Writers from Taiwan , many people , can play an active part in the international field is what can debut ?

By all means, but please keep watching in their eyes , the ambition of achieving GEISAI destination from here.

This year I judge from GEISAI # 1 and Nara 's . And three others are experts of Chinese art . To enjoy the results of the examination.

Chairman Takashi Murakami