what "petit" GEISAI#15 is ?

It was the day of GEISAI of 15th to 13th March to commemorate the 10th anniversary

However , to stop in the earthquake .

GEISAI in Taiwan surpasses the scale of GEISAI of Japan or already been suggested to be held in China in people who had come from mainland China in the same period , the number of visitors has exceeded 20,000 . I feel something , such as is said to God was .

"I dare back to basics "
Original intention of GEISAI the " chance of a debut to young writer ! " Was .

But , had come to become distinguished from GEISAI about the last 10 years , writer 's who have continued to participate in GEISAI much .
This is good in this, but the writer or some of divorced woman , if I debut in the major once , and then to sell or hand yourself work .

I feel that putting the cart before the horse also had .

So , I decided to clear purpose and place , the debut of the young writer 's time .

● 29 years or less
● There are pre- assessment eligibility

I was made .

Where you decide a small venue , not the mega venue , such as a big site . This is where the 150 booth to enter . Venue became so small and stuck to be " small" in the title number , but we will arrive.

Me building a future by youth ! It is the era of you guys !

Chairman : Takashi Murakami