Art revolution in the 21st century

Origin that caused the " GEISAI " was the scene of education Edo era " temple hut " basis . I want to make a mechanism to create a " culture of egg spear our writer " responsible for the future Japanese art , of art , go move the new art of the Japanese original . And , it is not cured even take that will become the foundation 's the " human resources " . Do not be able to organize well the educational institutions of the art of Japanese-style going to train its human resources ?

Make a reasoning experiment in the field , the " communication skills in order to go for the footsteps and the world " that will not be taught , and practice , and training , it can be assumed the results, real society College of Art and the current in the art professional education that they would sail to . Advancement of " GEISAI " with the ambition to be , want to make such a mechanism , "Art Dojo " was launched .

" GEISAI " was an event that had the educational concept from the beginning in that sense . I want you to go learn in the form in line with the reality of Japanese society , the way of his professional debut , view of the work , how to buy , how to sell . It is considered to be the foundation of " GEISAI " may continue to provide such a place .

Against the Japanese art world , I feel doubt and despair which is not wiped . I do not believe in the art market of Japan , and are unhappy also consists of the museum . If you dont get down and reached a glue consciousness of human beings that there are working , lack of deployment , to the status of art industry them , to slapstick course of the budget shortfall and the closure of the public museum so have recently challenge , it is as soon as you have seen and heard the feeling even in rather thrilling .

That it will change from foundation things , would not by easy course . If an organ of special public , such as museums , it is necessary to put as an element of management also interact with the public . Then there will also be focus on targets you set would also shake .

Miscellaneous duties coefficient that can be placed on the current state of the name of " curator " is , could also much sympathy in the business of unexpected end Some also this and also work around . However , there will be the clue to the modification in such a field , and it should be enough to announce to the art industry magazine the "discovery of the foundation " like going to change the mechanism . Some reality and crammed , the gap in the field of the ideal it would be any society .

Is what vis to labor did not regret , people living in this industry , would be to long , it has been forgotten , and squeeze the wisdom and courage to go fill in the meantime . No sign of even the young people responsible for the art market , has written the scenario of restoring confidence to the market that was arrow墜the bubble economy at the time , modern, art speculation a very low level , such as exactly the same time in recent years fellow that recommended collectors and out of touch in art , to ignorant amateur collector also has emerged .

And , even journalism of Japanese art art market is not in the field , should I began to alteration would be nice and devising art vision a SF Chick thin basis , the magazine of the only overseas report with no reality . What we need is , it is the courage not only ideal and dream like seemingly " big furoshiki " , or will transform how the reality . Of art that you have that courage , to bundle many artists , the energy of art officials rather than the power of one person , and to let building a price based on the change base from 0 Zero on their feet we " GEISAI " 's the event .

( "Where to find The ★ Geisai- art" Takashi Murakami in 2005 ( Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. ) from page 5 )