Please announce the jury of the third person of GEISAI#20.

Iwabuchi Teiya
" Bijutsu Techo " editor-in-chief

[ profile ]
Born in 1975 . Keio University Faculty of Economics graduation in 1999 .
He joined in 2002 Fine Arts Publishing House in " Art Techo " editorial department . He was appointed Editor-in-Chief magazine deputy editor in 2007 , in 2008 .
The company concurrently serve as Editorial Director since July 2012 . To book separate volume " Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale guidebook of the Earth " (2006 ) , " Setouchi International Art Festival Guide Book" ( 2010) , " Takashi Murakami reader full 1992-2012 Art Techo all record" , etc. (2012) .

was announced in destination , like Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko , it becomes the realization of Yue approximately three years from GEISAI # 15.
At a young age , Iwabuchi who is a chief editor of art magazine of Japan 's leading .
It should be the stimulus also for everyone of young artists . Please recommend you to take this opportunity.

The jury of the second person is ...

Nikaidou Touko
Stage director

[ profile ]
JF Oberlin University of Arts and College of Graduated theater .
Etc. working as underground idle while in school , to spend the familiar era deeply about the subculture of contemporary Japan .
Creation of " school thing " was the center of activity at the time of commencement , but the consciousness we are committed to making the time Roaring manner from the start "Live bean cake " than in 2009 , to establish the current style .
The creative approach that goes beyond the genre in modern style of play is to diversify also affects the people who received a rapid support in Japan , experienced a student movement of the 1970s -1960s . The stage that exude energy roaring from the body of the young people living in the modern adopted widely the culture anime , idle , etc. performers of 50 people degree usually appeared , at first glance , it can be seen in a disorderly chaos , but the work is governed by the rules and discipline with its own methods , and provide schematically in the audience phenomenon and microcosm of the information society of the modern flood and chaotic , a multiple simultaneous . In 2012 , it broke up the banana school naive young girl set , the predecessor organization .
Raising Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker in April 2013 .
The invitation from the three European countries in August the same year , and raising an army conducted a European tour .
I'm beginning to spread to the world the art derived from the sub- culture context of modern Japan.

I think in a folded also still fresh in our minds how to Nikaido's interview in the August issue of Art Techo?
Raising an army tour in Europe was also ventured from Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker, Ms Nikaido is joining GEISAI#20 as a judge.

August Art Techo than (Fine Arts Publishing House)

The first jury, Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko Team Lab representative has already been announced.

Toshiyuki Inoko
President, Team Lab (Ultra-Technologist Group)

Born in 1977 in Tokushima Prefecture, Inoko founded Team Lab upon graduating from university in 2001.
He studied probability statistics models in university and natural language processing and art in graduate school.
Team Lab is a group consisting of "thing making" specialists in various forms and active in our information-driven society, including programmers, robot engineers, mathematicians, architects, web designers, graphic designers, CG animators, and editors.

Major achievements:
Unveiled Team Lab Hanger ('10)
Presented "ICONO-NARASIA," an animated work commemorating the 1300th anniversary of capital relocation to Heijo, Nara ('10)
Developed a Twitterbot "Korekamo-san," which retrieves information on merchandise inventory and makes recommendations ('10)
Presented the special work "100 Years Sea ('09)" at Konica Minolta Plaza Presented "Flower and Corpse ('08)" in the Department of Decorative Arts at the Louvre, France
"Suiboku Space—Zen" won three awards including ADDA Grand Prix ('08)
Created "actface," a mobile phone concept model for au Design project, which received a jury commendation at Japan Media Arts Festival organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Participated in Milano Salone ('07) with works including "Flowers are Crimson" Produced iza, Sankei Digital's news and blog portal site

Once confirmed as a juror for GEISAI#15, unfortunately Mr. Inoko had to cancel his participation. We are delighted to finally have him as one of the jurors at GESIAI#20. In addition to developing his business and products in the digital realm, Mr. Inoko creates works in the area where science, technology, design, and art merge.

Recently he has received the Architecture, Art & Culture Award at Laval Virtual 2012, the largest virtual reality fair in Europe, with his artwork "What a Loving, and Beautiful World.

He has been receiving increasing international acclaim, holding the first solo show by a foreign company at the renowned National Museum in Taiwan.
*The above-mentioned work is currently on view at Terminal 1 in Narita Airport.

Furthermore, he has created an enormous space filled with countless life-size holograms, in which the audience can walk around, for the Singapore Biennale 2013 (October 26, 2013 through February 16, 2014)
*From Team Lab homepage


We are thrilled to have the super energetic juror perfect for the GEISAI catered to those 29 and under. We invite you, young aspiring artists, to consider participating in GESIAI on this amazing occasion!