Frequently Asked Questions

Booth Applications

Q: How long will you be accepting applications?
A: The application period is from September 22, 2013 to midnight Friday April 4 (morning april 5).
However, the application period can be also be closed earlier if all booth space is sold out, so it is best to apply early.
The application form can be found here:
Q: Is it possible to cancel an application?
A: While it is possible to cancel your application to the fair, please note that once exhibition fees are paid, we are unable to return them. To cancel, please contact
Q:Is it possible to change the number of exhibitor passes and additional passes I would like to receive, after filling out the application?
A:Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased at the entrance to the venue, on the day preceding and on the day of the fair, during installation hours.
Please note that we cannot refund you for purchased exhibitor passes nor can we provide a free replacement in the event that one is lost.
Q:Is it possible to rent additional walls?
A:At GEISAI#20, additional walls and lights are available, for a fee. Please inquire by email for further details.
Q:Is it possible to pay the exhibition fee by credit card?
A:We will accept payment via wire transfer and credit card.
Q:Is it possible to change or update my application details?
A:You may use the 'my page' portion of the website to make additions to your information only. Please note, however, that the ability to edit information will end with the closing of the application period. Any changes after the closing of the application period may be requested using the website contact form.
Q:I and another artist are applying to exhibit at a single booth but only one of us will actually be present at the venue. Do I need an extra exhibitor pass in this case?
A:Only one exhibitor pass will be provided per application. If you plan on carrying out installation and de-installation together, you will need an extra exhibitor pass. However, if only one of you will be present during installation/de-installation, then an extra pass is not needed.
Q:Can I change options after applying?
A:As long as the application period is open, you may make changes but we ask your understanding that no changes will be permitted after the application period is close. Please also note that we are unable to refund any fees once paid, no matter what the circumstances.
Q:Is it possible to change the location of my booth after receiving the layout?
A:At GEISAI, we will not accept requests for specific booth locations nor will we accept requests to change locations after the layout is decided. We ask your understanding on this point.
Q:How may I obtain tables, chairs, or other supplies?
A:Upon submitting your application, it is possible, for a fee, to order additional supplies. It is also possible to order additional supplies after submitting your application, as long as the application period remains open. Please inquire by email for additional information.


Q:When will I receive my exhibitor pass?
A:Exhibitor passes can be picked up at the venue, on the main installation day. We will ask for proof of identification.
Q:May I place tape on the floor of my booth if I know that it is easily removable? I have used a certain tape many times in the past and have never had any problems with staining or removal.
A:At GEISAI, under no circumstances, and with no exceptions, will we allow for tape to be applied to the floor of the venue.
If tape is discovered on the floor after de-installation, we reserve the right to charge you for the repair fee.
While we apologize for any inconvenience, we ask that you please refrain from using tape in your booth.
Q:Is it possible to purchase a power source?
A:They are available for a fee. Please inquire via email.
Q: If I ensure that it is within the boundaries of my booth once the fair opens, it is possible to have items in the aisles during installation?
A:No matter what the circumstances, please refrain from using or leaving items in the aisles.
This is especially important during installation, when many fair participants carry large and heavy items across the venue space and are subject to danger from objects blocking their way.
Q:Is there anywhere to store boxes or other packaging material in the venue?
A:We will have a counter for courier services that will also offer storage for boxes and packing, for a fee.
There will be no other areas where storage is available. We ask that you take responsibility for picking up your materials and bringing them home after the close of the fair. We ask that you consider storage when planning the installation and layout of your booth. (※For example, many people hide boxed behind bases or display artworks which require a minimum amount of additions storage). We also ask that after de-installation, you carry home any garbage found in your booth.
Q:When painting over fireproofed wood, is it possible to cover the fireproof mark/seal.
A:The seal is the only valid proof that the wood being employed is fireproofed, so please do not paint over it.
Q:If I have a booth without walls, can I build my own or bring my own panels to use within the booth boundaries?
A:You are free to create any display you please within the bounds of the booth. However, if you bring large panels, please make sure they are fireproofed. The only exception is the creation of a roofed area, which, for fire safety reasons, is not permitted.
Q:Do the walls absolutely have to be fireproof materials?
A:We recommend that you use fireproof materials for any objects with large surfaces. A fire-safety inspection will be conducted on the day of the event and any items which are deemed to be a fire hazard are subject to removal upon the instructions of the fire department. We ask for your understanding on this point.
Q:What is the difference between fire-proofed and non-fire-proofed material?
A:Fire-proofed material will carry a mark/seal indicating that it has been fireproofed. Any item which does not have this seal will not be considered fire-proofed.
Q:I have a booth with walls. Can I use nails or tacks with my display?
A:When using nails or tacks in a booth with walls, please employ them in a manner that will allow for easy restoration of the walls to their original condition. Please also understand that other exhibitors are conducting installation on the other side of your wall and communicate with them when hammering nails or any other activities which may be of a danger.


Q:How are works monitored/secured between the pre-fair installation day and the day of the fair?
A:Security will be present from the evening of the installation day to the morning of the fair. However, we are not responsible for any items which are lost or damaged during that time and ask that you take that into consideration when leaving items in your booth. We recommend that any valuables be carried with you during this period, rather than left overnight.
Q:When using sound in my display, the regulations ask that we do so in a way that will not cause trouble for other exhibitors. How is the determination made that a specific installation is causing trouble and what happens once that determination is rendered?
A:The standards employed are the same as those listed in the section on refusing exhibition applications. On the day of the fair, the GEISAI Executive Committee will make their judgments based on the relevance to the artwork itself, the effect on other booths, and safety issues, taking all three into consideration. Please follow any instructions. If you are concerned about whether a particular work of yours violates the rules, it is recommended that you have an alternative work ready to take its place if it is removed.
Q:Do I have to be present in my booth at all times? Or is it against the rules for me to be present?
A: In general, there is no rule stipulating that you must be present in your booth.
However, the GEISAI Executive Committee cannot guarantee the safety of any items and is not responsible in the event of loss or damage, so please act responsibly.
If you are going to be selling works, we recommend that you be present at or near your booth in order to smoothly carry out transactions. We also ask that while people are present in your booth, that you do not gather in a way that will affect the space of other exhibitors.
Q:Can I exhibit more than two works in a single space?
A:As long as the space allows for it, you may exhibit as many as you please.
Q:Can I cook or serve food as part of my work?
A:For hygienic purposes, we ask that you refrain from presenting works that incorporate cooking or serving of food.
Q:Am I allowed to sell works? Are there rules which govern this or any transaction fees?
A:You may sell works at your booth. There are no particular rules regarding this, nor will we collect any transaction fee.
However, we will not be responsible in the event that a dispute results between you and a client and ask that you conduct your transactions carefully.

Other questions

Q:In the event that multiple artists exhibit in a single booth, will the jurors judge the booth as a whole or each individual artist?
A:As a rule, the jurors will judge the booth as a whole, even if works by multiple artists are exhibited. However, this may not be the case in the event that a juror takes a special liking to a particular work or artist.
Q:Can I eat inside my booth?
A:You may eat inside your booth but please use good manners. Please keep in mind that GEISAI is an exhibition space for artwork.
Please also note that we will have a booth specifically for food at the fair, which you are free to visit.
Q:What should I do if I am presenting a collage, video or other work which employs found footage or objects under someone else's copyright?
A: As the organizers of the fair, we cannot be involved nor take responsibility for any copyright issues with the work you exhibit. You will be responsible for your own actions. Please also note that GEISAI does not operate on a system whereby licenses are granted on the day of the fair only.
Q: I received an email which contained a virus.
A:It is possible that a computer virus will pull names from the email address book of the computer that it has infected and send emails purporting to be from that address, for instance from the address of the GEISAI Executive Committee. Please note that this is not the result of any direct action by the committee nor are we responsible in the event this does occur. Please make sure that you have appropriate virus protection. Please also note that any official emails from the GEISAI Executive Committee will have Japanese in the subject line.
Under no circumstances will we directly send an email which has only English in the subject line and this can be used to judge whether the email is authentic.
Q: Is there any insurance for stolen goods, such as cash or artworks?
A: While we apologize for any inconvenience, we will not involve ourselves or be held responsible for any trouble involving the theft of money or valuables. There is no insurance on items in the venue so please take responsibility for your own belongings.