Step to Your Participation

STEP1 Exhibitor Application

Please check here for the application details.(

STEP2 Preliminary Screening

The first step of your application is complete when you fill out the required fields of the application form. Please note that at this point, your participation is not yet confirmed. You will automatically receive an email with the Application Details and the URL for the Preliminary Screening at the registered email address.

Please go to the URL, fill out the required information, attach two images of your works, and submit the form.

*The images must be submitted within two weeks of the receipt of the automatic email.
*Each image must be maximum 2MB.
*The acceptable file formats are limited to .jpg, .ping, and .gif.

Once you have submitted the form, please wait for the screening result to be announced. The screening process is advantageous to those who apply early.

STEP3 Screening Result

The preliminary screening results are announced on the GEISAI#20 website, so please check back. You will also be notified via email, at which point we will provide you with the instructions for the payment.

STEP4 Payment of the Exhibitor's Fee

Please follow the steps in the email you receive from the GESISAI Committee and pay the specified Exhibitor's Fee. If the payment is not received by the deadline noted in the email, your application will automatically be cancelled. We cannot return the Exhibitor's Fee for any reason whatsoever once the payment has been made. Please cancel your application, if you must, before the payment.

STEP5 Application Completed

Upon confirming the payment, we will notify you via email, phone, or post.

STEP6 Promotion on the Exhibitors' Page

We will announce your booth name and artwork on our website. Please provide us with required information, images, and introduction text by the deadline specified in the email from the GESIAI Committee.

STEP7 Exhibitor Guidelines to be Sent

A month before the event, the "Exhibitor Guidelines" will be sent to you via email. The guidelines will include your booth number and information/precautions concerning the event, so please make sure that the email will be read by the participant.

STEP8 Delivery by Express Delivery Services (if necessary)

If you ship your works via express delivery services in advance, you will be able to receive your works on the installation day. Please send them to the specified location to arrive during the drop-off hours. Do not send your works directly to the exhibition hall as it may result in lost items. Please refer to the guidelines for details regarding delivery by express delivery services.

STEP9 On the Day of GEISAI#20 Event

Enjoy the event! Do your best, as you will have a chance to win GEISAI Point Ranking or one of the Juror's Awards.