GEISAI#11 Photo Report

  • Anken Kidani’s “First Date” was so lovely and packed a great punch.
  • From booth, ena’s works were many people’s favorite.
  • The Kaikai Kiki booth was filled with artworks created by the young artists who work at the huge studio in Miyoshi. You can feel the friendly rivalry emanating from the works.
  • It’s a comfort to look at the poetic world in the paintings of Lin Ming-Hsueh, who came from Taiwan.
  • Kei Taira’s “Michi (Streets)” shows the pavement markers resembling graffiti.
  • It was so funny how silly Hey! Say! –Captains, consisting of all high-school students, were calling for more relaxed education policies in the school system!
  • I’d vote for Hitomi Maekawa’s sense of humor! The original video using herself as a subject was great, too.
  • Taku Obata himself is a break dancer. It’s interesting that this carved wooden sculpture looks as if it could come alive at any moment.
  • Applause for a great GEISAI-specific idea! Here is Sayaka Iwashimizu.
  • This group came together at the video posting website, pixiv. Here are Post Poppers.
  • I was drawn into this mystic painting by Yuichi Hirako.
  • Here’s Tamaki Sugiura’s chilled-out interpretation of fashion art. The captions on the pieces, such as “Christian Dior Bulgari” and “Glitter September Issue,” were hilarious.
Photo & Text by Noriko Miyamura