GEISAI#11 Photo Report

  • That’s the piece of Yuko Nukui, which had caught my attention when I saw it on the blog! Her deliberate painting style was captivating.
  • Misugi Renji’s paintings were represented in photo booth pictures.
  • In the excellent abstract painting, there was a mysterious creature… it was made by Shinji Nakai.
  • It could be daily scenery, but it was strange somehow. Maruko Ishigami expressed the petit unreal world.
  • Two illustrations were from a series of “Lovely People” by Mahhiro Miyama, who wanted to be Manga artist. Her absent-minded sense was wonderful!
  • Akira Yukinko performed a live painting along with the music of the portable music player. He was surrounded by a lot of viewers till the end of GEISAI#11.
  • Here’s Cyborg Nene. They appealed to people with a photo shoot booth and self-portrait works.
  • These are best-suited for air guitars! This is a work that consists of daily commodities customized by Sho Aiba and Yosuke Hara.
  • Takeru Toyokura’s installation of people hung upside down from the ceiling is both poetic and poisonous.
Photo & Text by Noriko Miyamura