GEISAI#12 Photo Report

  • The jewel of this year’s stage performances was, without a doubt, the live performance by Ayumi Nakamura, whose appearance was personally sought by Chairman Murakami! This Princess of Song debuted in 1984 and scored a massive hit one year later with “Tsubasa no Oreta Angel.” She re-launched her career in 2004 and has since begun incorporating her unique way of life into her songs, earning increased support across generational lines.
  • At the request of the chairman, Nakamura played a number of songs currently featured on her cover album, including Motoharu Sano‘s “SOMEDAY,” Yutaka Ozaki’s “Shelly,” and her signature song, “Tsubasa no Oreta Angel.” Her soulful voice sent shivers throughout the venue.
  • Herself a performer who renewed her career after a long hiatus, Nakamura offered warm words of encouragement to her fellow artists exhibiting at GEISAI. The stage basked for long hours in the afterglow of her courage and passion.
  • Next up is the much awaited announcement of the prize winners. A shot of all the jurors. They will begin with their personal awards.
  • The Jurors reportedly performed their initial reviews separately and their diversity of opinion was well reflected by the variety of faces present in the final lineup of recipients.
  • The winners of the three medals were selected by unanimous vote and the results include both photography and film/video. “Maybe we should have had a painter in there too,” was Juror Makota Aida’s memorable comment. With no international members on this year’s jury, the positive aspects of Japan’s cultural chaos were seemingly on full display.
  • Congratulations to all the prize recipients.
Photo by miget, Text by Noriko Miyamura