GEISAI#12 Photo Report

  • A Look at the Fateful Two Days of GEISAI#12, complete with a behind the scenes report from the GEISAI Executive Committee. The weather forecast on installation day called for rain but as the hours approached, we were blessed with a clear and sunny sky.
  • Slowly, our stage begins to assert its presence on the room.
  • Everyone, including Chairman Murakami, is lined up in rows to pray for the safety and success of GEISAI#12.
  • Installation for Exhibitors has begun. Here, a line of exhibitors waits for entrance.
  • The installation moves at lightning pace. Exhibitors do their best to set up their displays with maximum precision in the limited amount of time allotted.
  • Everyone is fully intent on their work. Gradually, the pieces begin to show themselves. It’s an exciting moment where artists come face to face with their work.
  • Cairman Murakami made a toast at the opening ceremony. GEISAI#12 began.
  • The hall was full of the visitors soon.
  • All of the judges were Japanese. A notable judge began.
Photo by miget, Text by GEISAI Executive Comittee