GEISAI#12 Photo Report

  • All works contributed to GEISAI are judged first hand by our line-up of jurors.
  • The jurors walk the hall observing works.
  • Lily Franky. Works that catch his attention are captured with a Polaroid.
  • Makota Aida. When taken by a booth, he would often visit multiple times and seemed to exhibit great care in his judgments.
  • After completing their rounds, the judges retreat to the deliberation room to select the winners. This time, the initial results varied wildly with each juror.
  • The jurors return to the exhibition hall and take a second look at the nominees together. Alias: “The Royal Procession”
  • Deliberations continue. Everyone approached the discussions from their own perspective and it was difficult to reach a consensus. It’s that time. Who will fortune’s light shine on?
  • Gold Prize
    Junichi Nakayama
  • Silver Prize
    Kikuna Mishima
  • Bronze Prize
    Tsubasa Kato
  • Makoto Aida Prize
    Syugyo Kawakami
  • Yasushi Akimoto Prize
    Keiko Kato
  • Kazumi Sakata Prize
    Tsubasa Kato
  • Yutaka Yamamoto Prize
    Natsuko Takahiro
  • Lily Franky Prize
    Fareeza Terunuma
  • Ayumi Nakamura Prize
    Hiroshi Shimizu

Congratulations to all the prize recipients.

Photo by miget, Text by GEISAI Executive Committee