GEISAI#12 Photo Report

Here is a report on the Zero Aka (00 decade academic)stage performances and GEISAI’s sister event: The School Festival Executive Committee.

Unofficial Zero Aka Special Talk Event

A live talk was held with Naoya Fujita, a literary critic who is always entertaining, and Shusei Sakagami, a fellow literary critic who made his appearance on stage with a song. We could not take our eyes off his costume!

  • And what originality laden, authentic art did they have in store!? “It’s a parody of Super☆Rat, which is itself a parody of Superflat! Forget Hyde, (Lead singer of Japanese band L’arc en ciel) this is Super☆Larc!”
  • Following this statement, what unfolded was a mixture of art performance and borderline insanity. When it was over, critic Hiroki Azuma finally joined the stage. Look at these men! They’re usually serious critics! Now, they’re promising to visit and critique every single booth! It turned out to be quite a sensational stage event.
  • Next up were stage activities organized by our sister event: The School Festival Executive Committee! First Period: Analysis of Otome games! Stage talk by your favorite voice actors! Popular voice actors from several Otome games due for release this spring, including VitaminZ and Little Anchor, gathered on stage. The show appealed even to the uninitiated, with explanations on Otome games delivered by the sweet voices of KENN, Tomoaki Maeno, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and Keiji Fujiwara.
  • Second period: Live performances by two star groups from Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. Zombies + Ozoku Band, Zombies’ full-throttle dance performance to a medley of Nico Nico Douga tunes received a tremendous response from the crowd.
  • Finally, there came the laid back sounds of the Ozoku Band (Tissue Princess, Intel Prince, and Pirate King) and the soulful voices of divas Ayumi Nomiya and Sunao Yoshikawa.

Both these performances were attempts by the School Festival Executive Committee to hijack the GEISAI stage. As an event within an event, we’d like to think the School Festival Executive Committee was successful in its mission to unleash some other-worldly chaos.

Photo by miget, Text by GEISAI Executive Committee