GEISAI#2 Photo Report

  • Tekken made a last minute appearance with his own booth. His merchandise sold out!
  • Here was the scene at the Scout meeting room. The manager of Meiwa Denki from the Yoshimoto Kogyo agency gives serious, straight forward advice.
  • And here’s another scene at the Scout meeting room. This 3 woman performance unit called KATHY received the most attention from the professionals searching for new talent. (And they’re actually all three quite beautiful).
  • Bringing a camera is a good idea. While taking care not to disturb other exhibitors, it’s great to take photos of booths you like and consult them for next time.
  • On the second day, we were treated to a live performance by Polaris.
  • Murakami chatting with Polaris.
  • With the event over, all the jurors could be seen carrying out deinstallation.
  • To crown the evening, one last “Ippon Jime” clap and chant.