GEISAI#3 Scouts' Awards


    Booth NOA114
    Artist NameTESSHU
  • Booth NOB041
    Artist NameUtako Okamoto
  • Booth NOC042
    Artist NameKATHY
  • NADif Prize

    Booth NOA001
    Artist NameTomoko Shimamura
  • Booth NOA002
    Artist NameYumie Ogawa
  • Booth NOA060
    Artist NameSakurako Hamaguchi
  • Booth NOC042
    Artist NameKATHY
  • Booth NOD050
    Artist NameYumiko Inada
    ProfileYumiko Inada was born in Tokyo in 1977. She graduated from the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design at Musashino Art University. Her wearing art and walking style attracted attention, and she won the silver medal at GEISAI#3. Inada is a protean artist who uses various mediums, including computer, drawing, dolls, and sculpture to express such motifs as girls vomiting, houses, and candy.
  • TOKYO FM Prize

    Booth NOA075
    Artist NameHideaki Shibata
  • Booth NOA079
    Artist NameMasami Hayasaki
  • Booth NOD012
    Artist NameYukino Iwata
  • Booth NOB133
    Artist Name Hana to Kegawa。
  • Booth NOC012
    Artist NameNanae Komatsuki