GEISAI#4 Scouts' Awards


    Booth NOA056
    Artist NameYamanaka Camera
  • NADiff Prize

    Booth NOB154
    Artist NameRyoko Kato
  • Booth NOD012
    Artist NameYumiko Inada
  • Booth NOD041
    Artist NameKumiko Yoshizawa
  • TOKYO FM Prize

    Booth NOA004
    Artist NameGOTTA
  • Booth NOD062
    Artist NameASADA
  • illustration Prize

    Booth NOB110
    Artist NameTeardro
  • Booth NOC037
    Artist NameGarasassa
  • Booth NOC102
    Artist NameYoko Okumura
  • smartPrize

    Booth NOC002
    Artist NameWonder Farmes
  • Booth NOC150
    Artist NameHaruna
  • Booth NOC163
    Artist NameAyako Rokkaku
  • Booth NOE060
    Artist NameTsukasa Otake
    ProfileTsukasa Otake was born in Aichi in 1978. He graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting, Kanazawa College of Art. His mainly body of work consists of paintings. However, his contribution to GEISAI#4 was a series of paper cutouts. He had previously only shown his paper cutouts to his family and friends. Highly skilled, he never makes a rough sketches before he cuts the paper, and dexterously achieves a delicate silhouette.
  • Booth NOE100
    Artist NameIzumi Takizawa