GEISAI#9 Scouts' Awards

  • illustration Prize

    Booth NOD118
    Artist NameMegumi Higuchi
  • Booth NOC015
    Artist NameYoko Ito
  • smart Prize

    Booth NOE044
    Artist NameToshihiko Wakasugi
  • Booth NOA030
    Artist NameTakaaki Tsuchiya (PUCCI)
    ProfileTakaaki Tsuchiya as known as PUCCI was born in Okayama I 1972, and was raised in Shizuoka. He graduated from the Musashino Art Graduate School. In 1998, he established an apparel brand “BINARY SKATES” and a skateboard furniture company . In the same year, he also established “REAL STAINDGLASS JAHPON.COM,” a stained glass business he inherited from his family.
  • Booth NOB031
    Artist Name(Unreal Company)Hitohakoge
  • yukari-art inc. Prize

    Booth NOC126
    Artist NameKazuharu Ishikawa
    Profile1977 Born in Nara
    2002 BFA in Tama Art University
    He performed “Improvisation Line Drawing” and won the prizes at GEISAI#9 in 2006, the bronze medal, yukari-art Inc. Prize, B Gallery Prize. He is exhibiting at Art@Agnes2007 from yukari-art Inc.
  • Booth NOB047
    Artist NameTaihei Sii
  • Booth NOB017
    Artist NameYodogawa Technique
  • Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery Prize

    Booth NOE038
    Artist NameJunichi Saito
  • Booth NOE048
    Artist NameAkira Tachibana−D&S
  • Booth NOE044
    Artist NameToshihiko Wakasugi
  • Booth NOE060
    Artist NameTsubasa Takahashi
  • Booth NOB008
    Artist NameShinbue/sohiro/Bildo Frugaz
  • Shingata Prize

    Booth NOF002
    Artist NameSyunsuke Sawaguchi
  • Booth NOC106
    Artist NameNaoko Horii
  • Booth NOD144
    Artist NameMachiko Nakayama
  • Booth NOD061
    Artist NameHideki Sato
  • Booth NOE061
    Artist NameHaniwa Artist Naoki Matsue
  • Liquitex Prize

    Booth NOD088
    Artist NameGreen pepper
  • Roppongi hills ART+DESIGN STORE Prize

    Booth NOD126
    Artist NameMaya Hayashi
  • Booth NOB047
    Artist NameTaihei Sii
  • Booth NOD052
    Artist NameKoji Sekiyama