GEISAI MUSEUM#2 Photo Report

With an opening ceremony that seemed to scare away the rain, GEISAI was back!

The morning began early for exhibitors, with artists carrying in works from 6 o’clock. At 9 am, an opening ceremony was held before doors officially opened to visitors. Chairman Murakami gave a greeting to announce that GEISAI was back, ending a year and half of anticipation! Outside, the weather was unsuitably rainy, setting the mood for the windy day ahead.

It’s been a year and a half since Chairman Murakami stood on this stage as well. With his greeting, we realized that GEISAI was back.


As always, a commemorative group photo!! Yeah! The festival has begun!

Visitors waiting patiently in the rain. What in the world was on the other side of this line?


As soon as the doors opened, there was a great rush toward the reception desk as people tried desperately to get their hands on commemorative paper bags.

Acting curator of Chichu Art Museum
Fram Kitagawa


21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Director
Taku Sato


Mori Art Museum CEO
Yoshiko Mori


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kananzawa Director by Special Appointment
Yutaka Mino


Pinchuk Art Center Founder & Philanthropist
Victor Pinchuk

Photo by miget, Text by Hideki Fujiwara