GEISAI MUSEUM#2 Photo Report

Van Ness Wu from the famous Taiwanese idol group F4 makes a special stage appearance!/h3>

Later idol singer Van Ness Wu made an appearance on stage. Seeing such an international star, I realized that GEISAI now belonged to the whole of Asia, maybe even the world..And that long line we saw outside this morning was actually a smattering of his fans showing up early in the hopes of catching a glimpse. The cries of swooning females could be heard all over the hall.

Fans of Van Ness Wu waiting for his performance to begin. Some stayed in line all night waiting for a numbered ticket. Thank you so much to everyone!


Van Ness Wu backstage. Even on the verge of performance, he was still kind enough to pose for this shot.

With one ballad, the atmosphere of the venue was completely transformed. Not only his fans, but the entire audience watched with fascination. Here was a star.


Many who came to see the performance were hard core fans who also saw Wu live at a fan club meeting the night before.

After his performance, Wu could be seen wandering the hall in a GEISAI happi coat. He was mobbed fans wherever he went but still managed to get a view of the fair.

Famous Voice Actress and Singer, Aya Hirano rocks the stage!!

The next special guest was Aya Hirano, the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya in “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”, Reira Serizawa in “NANA”, and many other popular shows. She’s also an accomplished singer and radio personality who gave a cheerful live performance.

Aya Hirano and her band members were motivated at the backstage!

A diva with a magnificent range of expression, Hirano captured the attention of the entire audience.


And as it turns out, her college major was in art, making her perfectly suited to GEISAI. She took the time to give insightful comments on the fair.

Hirano’s power pop certainly upped the voltage in the room.


How’d I do? Hirano smiles at the applause from her adoring fans.

Let’s Buy Art at GEISAI, a project with Idols AKB48

In Japan, the number of art collectors is on the rise recently and so we invited three members of AKB48 to walk the hall with ten thousand yen and make purchases of their own. With such a wide variety of work available, it should be easy to find a favorite and you get the chance to speak with the artists as well. So how were the results?

The girls have each found a work they like and look very pleased. There are a lot of young artists and low prices at GEISAI and we highly recommend it for first time art buyers.

So how did it feel to buy an artwork for the first time? It’s a big encouragement for the artists as well.


As they gave their comments on the works they selected, we noted that each of the girls let their personal taste be their guide.

Photo by miget, Text by Hideki Fujiwara