GEISAI MUSEUM#2 Photo Report

From the Streets of Akihabara! A cute performance by AKB48 that had even our international VIPs excited!

The final stage performance of the evening was by idol group AKB 48. All members wore the same costumes and performed the same dance routine! Super cute! And a big hit with the VIPs from abroad! Egged on by the applause from their fans, the group showed the high performance quality of the Japanese idol scene. And their voices filled the hall with their Akihabara sound, bringing a cheerful end to a long day.

Just before going on. Does the playful pose mean there’s no butterflies?


All of the audiences were surprised at the AKB48 perfect performances!

AKB48’s act makes the leap from Akihabara to the Tokyo Big Sight stage. Shouts of approval ring out for the group’s precision teamwork.

The performers and audience unite!


And with that shot of cuteness, GEISAI MUSEUM#2 reaches its finale.

The Ending is the Beginning

Before closing, Chairman Murakami had some final words for the exhibitors and visitors. And in his hand was a brochure for the next GEISAI, GEISAI#11, its slogan “Revolutionize the art world!” linking past and future, end and new beginning. We’ll see you in September at GEISAI#11.

Chairman Murakami looks back on the event and the day that GEIASI’s history began a new.


A special booth to register for GEISAI#11. A great number of exhibitors made the decision to apply early.

We hope that everyone will bring this excitement and energy with them to a scaled up GEISAI#11 on September 14.

Photo by miget, Text by Hideki Fujiwara