GEISAI TAIWAN#1 Photo Report

GEISAI TAIWAN Photo Report 4/Stage Events

GEISAI TAIWAN Photo Report 4
This time we will be bringing you a look at the excitement from the event’s outdoor stage.

  • A huge stage was contacted outside of the hall, and audiences could not wait for Taiwanese famous artists’ gigs. In fact, this spot will soon be filled by four popular Taiwanese performing artists.
  • First, allows us to introduce our co-moderators Ken Lin (left) and Rachel Shen (right). Their witty banter will navigate us through the day’s program! Let’s get started!
  • The first performers of the day are the alien unit Cosmos People. From left to right: Ada(bass), Yu Zhou Ren(vo/key), Wei Pang(drums), and Akui(g). Cosmos People…? Quite a creative name for a band…
  • But despite the other worldly name, they were surprisingly down to earth and quite a hit with the audience.
  • Our second performer is the indie college artist Crowd Lu. Wow, he looks like a Taiwanese version of Hideki Kaji!! Those boyish looks, however, belie a mature voice.
  • Shout!
  • Everyone in the back! Whoo!
  • The third artist was Deserts Chang. The way she emerged on the stage gave us chills!
  • With a voice full of character,she helped calm the tense atmosphere that preceded the award ceremony.
  • And now the announcement of the prize winners. Several people gathered in front of the stage – too many in fact! (Thank goodness it didn’t rain)
  • Nervously, the nominated artists formed a line.
  • The ceremony began with the announcement of the juror’s personal awards. First up was CasaBRUTUS managing editor Seiichi Kamei.There were actually eight personal awards given out between the three jurors!!
  • A view from the press conference held at the venue. The gold prize winner was 72 year old Hsiu-chu Tien (center).Ms. Tien participated in the event along with her two daughters. After the fervent personal recommendation of Yoshitomo Nara, Murakami and Kamei too were quite moved by her contributions! There were actually many other artists at GEISAI TAIWAN participating as family. Bronze prize winner JOJO KAO (second from left) was so drunk with a combination of happiness and nervous energy that she just had to call her friends, live on stage...Meanwhile silver prize winner Lee Chen-tao (second from right) demonstrated his stately personality by appearing on stage with a paid English interpreter. All three artists will attend next March’s GEISAI#14 as representatives of Taiwan. We hope you all look forward to seeing them in person. And congratulations to all the winners!!
  • After the award ceremony, the stage was closed by a performance from the group WonFu. From left to right, the members were Vocal Mami, Bass Twiggy, vocal/guitar Xiao Ming, and Drums Belly.
  • Tada! GEISAI Taiwan is suddenly transformed into a rock festival!
  • Daylight had already faded, but the performers and audience were still at peak energy!! After this, it was time for the closing ceremony.
  • Seiichi Kamei, Yoshitomo Nara, and the Chairman himself appear for the closing ceremony.

“Xiexie!” GEISAI Taiwan has now come to a close.
We are happy to announce that we met a score of new artists and were visited by over over 18000 people! Let’s meet again next year at GEISAI Taiwan#2!!

Photo by Takehiro Segawa (AZIO)