GEISAI#2 Photo Report

GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Photo Report3/The result of the judge

  • With so many fantastic artworks to choose from, the jury discussion was more heated than ever.
  • The judges visit the booths and receive presentations from the exhibitors.
  • Here we see a peak at the jury room. Each juror posted photos of their favorite works and discussed them.
  • TThe discussion went back and forth repeatedly until a consensus began to emerge.
  • With much anticipation, the announcements begin.
  • As their names are called, the winners make their way to the stage. winners were coming to the stage
  • Bronze Prize eddy
  • Here is an artwork by Bronze Prize winner Edy. The combination of realistic depiction with fantastical themes was highly rated by the jurors.
  • Silver Prize L2C
  • L2C’s unique booth combined drawings and small sculptures for a singular atmosphere that was very GEISAI. installed a whole of the booth with drawings and small three-dimensional works with a unique impression and suitable to GEISAI. The booth was highly raised by the judges and could easily have received the Gold Medal.
  • WANG CHIEN YANG celebrating his win. He had actually jumped on stage already after mistakenly hearing his name called during the other award presentations so he was even more happy when the moment was real.
  • And here is the booth. Painted images of old toys and figures, rendered to perfection. The jurors were very impressed and he was fully deserving of the Gold medal
  • Totally seventeen recipients including the judges’ personal awards and Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes, were born!
    With the judges personal awards included, there were seventeen award recipiens in all! Click here to see the full list.

A photograph on stage with the winners. Congratulations to all!
Next we will have a look at the stage events.