GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Photo Report

GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Photo Report4/Stage Events

Here is GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Report 4! We would like to inform the scene of the exciting stage events.

  • At GEISAI TAIWAN#2, there were so many stage performances worth seeing, it could easily have been mistaken for an art and music festival. In all, we had performances by five fantastic artists!
  • The opening act was Yen-j. He gave an intimate solo set on piano.
  • Yen-j began playing piano when he was eleven years old. Several years later, he sent a demo tape to a record company and was offered a debut. He is now the most notable young singer-songwriter in Taiwan.
  • Next up was Peggy Hsu who announced herself to the world at age 19 with the song “Balloon”.
  • Her music combines themes from northern Europe, fairly tales, and the circus to create a fascinating universe that sucked the audience in.
  • Sandy Chan performed as well! A true multi-talent, in 2005, she was awarded the Golden Melody, Best Album and Best Producer Awards.
  • Young Japanese musician KZ, who is produced by DENPA! and appeared at the pre-event party, made a surprise appearance. He gave a sample of the house and techno pop for which he has become widely popular on the internet. The audience ate it up.
  • The winners were announced in front of an excited audience at 4 PM. Here we see all the prize recipients on stage!
  • After the announcements, the jurors moved to the small stage and performed a live talk, broadcast live over the internet on Nico Nico Douga. Yet another event you can only see at GEISAI! Meanwhile, the sun was setting…
  • Performances begin once more on the main stage! The artists and audience move as one! We were amazed to see this many exhibitors and audience members gather and enjoy themselves.
  • The first to perform after the announcements was 1976. They were fresh of a tour the previous week but still put on a great show.
  • In 2010, they were named best pop band for their album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” at the Golden Melody Awards.
  • Nesxt up were twelve year veterans Wonfu, still going strong. They had actually recently announced their retirement the past October so this time they appeared as “Little Wonfu”.
  • Cute Vocalist Mami was added to complete the new lineup. The theme was to play as if they were a band full of children.

At At GEISAI TAIWAN#2, you could enjoy not only art but also live performances by major musial acts! The sheer talent assembled created an even more inspiring atmosphere for the exhibitors. And with that, the event came to a close.

Thank you so much to all of the artists!