GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Photo Report

GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Photo Report5/ Major coverage in the Taiwanese Media

  • Though we’ve already given you a full report on GEISAI Taiwan#2, our Taiwanese office continues to inform us about new articles in the media.
  • So many!
  • The awards ceremony even made the TV news. The Taiwanese media are truly interested in GEISAI so we had a lot of coverage.
  • The exhibitor who received the most attention was Japanese photographer Koki Sato. He had the guts to approach the former president of Taiwa, Lee Teng-hui, to be a model for his work. Mr Lee was nice enough to accept. “I’ve never been photographed like this before and I’m happy that a young Japanese photographer gave me the chance.” The shoot was said to take place at Mr. Lee’s mansion.

    Mr. Sato commented, “Young artists in Japan know not only Vivian Hsu, but also Lee Teng-hui. Since the venue was in Taiwan, I wanted to feature someone who everyone would recognize.”
  • And what’s this, Lee Teng-hui actually visited the GEISAI TAIWAN#2 hall to see the installation!

We knew there had been a lot of camera crews at the fair but on seeing the report from our colleagues, we truly realized just how much attention GEISAI has come to receive in Taiwan.

We will do our best to develop from here!