GEISAI#19 Winners' Exhibitions: Coming Soon!

The artists who came in second and third in the GEISAI#19 Point Ranking System recently visited Hidari Zingaro, where the Winners' Exhibitions will be held, for a preliminary meeting.

Mr. Yuki Azuma, the calligraphy artist, and the mother and manager of Mr. Kondo visited the gallery and went over the exhibition details and schedules with a Hidari Zingaro staff, Ms. Niijima.

They also visited Kaikai Zingaro, the show window space, carefully taking notes and photos.

As the meeting was about to conclude, there was a surprising confession from Mr. Azuma.

Mr. Azuma, it turns out, has had a previous career as a Yoshimoto comedian. According to him, he started pursuing calligraphy because, as a comedian, he needed an additional, special skill.

He used to regularly walk around Nakano Broadway as the comedy theater was nearby; he seemed absolutely thrilled that he gets to hold an exhibition here.

Here's a valuable still from Mr. Azuma's appearance on TV during his comedian days.

(Nippon Television Network, Kugizuke: å

GEISAI Winners' Exhibitions start on Thursday, November 21. The two-persons exhibition by the artists we have introduced here will open on Thursday, November 28. The reception will start at 18:00 (6pm).

In addition to their works, you can't miss talking to Mr. Azuma, the brilliant conversationalist. We hope you will visit the gallery and meet the artists in person.