"Live Paint DOJO" This Weekend at Turner Gallery

Turner Colour Works, a regular exhibitor at GEISAI, has announced that it will hold the latest installment of “Live Paint Dojo” this weekend at Turner Gallery.( http://lp-dojo.info/

What exactly is “Live Paint Dojo”?
Please click the URL below to find out.

The organizer and director of the event, Arahabaki CEO Mr. Yamao, also known as BAKIBAKI, has performed Live Painting Shows at the Turner booth at GEISAI and also held a live painting event at GEISAI Gallery. For this reason, the GEISAI Executive Committee’s own Takumi Kaseno has been invited to join the event as a juror.

※The images below were taken at GEISAI#18 and show a live painting performance in progress.
(DOPPEL (BAKIBAKI × mon), Dragon76, Jun Inoue)

Below is s message from Mr. Yamao, please give it a read.
This year, “Live Paint Dojo” will feature twenty-five individual head to head matches and 7 team competitions.
Contemporary Artist Tenmyouya Hisashi, Hip-Hop artist KILLER-BONG, and Takumi Kaseno from Kaikai Kiki are the jurors and I hope to hold a lively discussion about how we can survive in this world as painters and performers.

Japan’s live painting culture brings together several genres of painting and I created this event to contribute to its development, as well as to provide an outlet for artists from around the country to display and develop their skills. Please do not hesitate to come if you are interested.


In other news, we just found out that Tomo Matsuoka is also going to join the team competitions at “Live Paint Dojo”.

If you are a GEISAI exhibitor who has already applied for a live painting booth or have been wondering whether to apply or not, please visit this event to learn more about the emerging live painting culture.

※Announcing our latest GEISAI#20 juror - Toshiyuki Inoko, CEO of Team Lab!!!

猪子寿之/Toshiyuki Inoko
CEO of Ultra Technologist Group Team Lab