GEISAI Winners Exhibition, The first week !

The first week of GEISAI Winners Exhibition , Group exhibition by Point Ranking from 10th to 5th was started om 22th November.

In everyone of the participants and artists, This is the reception finally started in a toast.

Here 7th ranker, Masuda's works.

Here 9th. akatomo's .
Just the other day , even Tokyo Midtown Award 2013,
It seems to have been awarded superb , the Excellence Award. Is a series of victories!

Exhibition of works great as full of floating between ,
6 in deme * tyoubi 's .
Installation and style is matched ,
It is like swimming are the space of the gallery .

Tokyo Circus / Hiroyuki Hibino 's 10 of
It had become the stage of a unique duo again .
This is a free distribution of the sign .

A nice touch is a anime wind , 5 position, Mr. Ichiro Yamada Pan'ichi . It is many of wonderful illustrations reminiscent of Studio Ghibli unintentionally .

8 here in TPYO 's participation in the group .
The more unaware that it stayed students from China also mixed ,
Everyone was Japanese fluently .

Business card exchange between artists and audience .
Exchange meetings have been made .

Reception continues even Bar Zingaro , which opened the other day .

Photo taken together. Was everyone cheers for good work .
The exhibition continues until the 26th .
Certainly, please come to HidariZingaro!