GEISAI Winners Exhibition report

GEISAI#19 winners exhibition currently being held . This time, the exhibition in the group exhibition of Point Ranking I will report it because I heard the stories of each artists and backgrounds of production.

●fifth place acquisition Yamada Pan'ichi Ichiro 's in Point Ranking

Daily so animator , you have the task of drawing a line with a pencil and paper , The work of the individual , and I feel the joy fetish that will draw using the color .

Characters appearing , the people and sights you've seen in practice and when the original landscape , the coverage I was placed on the screen .

The landscape and people who are out of the frame of the camera , if usually It has production and I would like to draw in good faith more .

●sixth place acquisition deme * tyoubi 's Point Ranking

I like goldfish from the age of seven , I feel very attractive to the inner surface of the goldfish .
It developed from there , you can continue to draw a picture of the goldfish , You've made ​​a goldfish only 15 years .

If you are think you wanna make a work that represents the inner surface of the goldfish , attractiveness I am focused on facial expression in particular .

The goldfish , fair Why is being opened , As we look also like goldfish are not evaluated in such meeting I think you would like to make in the future work with an emphasis on the inner surface of the goldfish .

● ( exhibitors from China ) Seventh place acquisition TPOY 's Point Ranking

I thought first , and ask them call out from seniors , GEISAI would be nice . I thought in the winner a few years ago , seniors and wanna try doing to try to hear it .

Try to join, and very active , and to have a lot of friends can also , I thought that 's very good event .

All works are painted piece of toilet . Look at the story of the toilet in a dream and said why it is toilet , After talking with a friend , or do not you try to work into it? I tried to work with that

This time , nasty work , in the works of the motif of the toilet I think it's a pretty strange space , but we think you want to look at the work in a different perspective .

●eith place acquisition Masuda Yuni 's Point Ranking

It is a stamp series in the world of insects.
The original picture , you are drawn in color ink pen on glass It is the one that has been output by scanning it .

Matchbox labels and stamps and , although it was a love there is a unique design , I wanted plus a representation of the sum to work , because the character is placed on the stamp I chose the theme .

● acquisition akatomo 's ninth place in the Point Ranking

As a concept , I have to express vitality and dance , the energy of Okinawa.
And Grandpa playing the three -wire and Schiesser , many things have become jumbled It is the work of Champloo

Okinawa now , since it was formed many things the United States and Japan and China , culture, Okinawa is mixed , I wanted to express it because it is a healthy Okinawa .

It was PointRanking9 of this time , the next step is aimed at Jury Prize !

● acquisition Tokyo Circus 's a # 10 in Point Ranking

Tokyo Circus , while that monkey also work that is on display , You have prepared the costumes and sparkly roller skate with the aim of Idol debut .

I'll try with the aim of idle 80s . Please listen all means because I also made CD!

Why not ?
Session was also a little rest , but finally , writer 's anxious when it comes By all means, please try to socialize I have not miss Nakano Broadway 3F Hidari Zingaro.