A Movie about Installation of the Two Recipients at GEISAI#19

An Exhibition by the 2 artists who were awarded second and third-place in the audience survey at GEISAI #19 is being held at Hidari Zingaro, located on third floor of Nakano Broadway.
Below is a report on the preparations

●Installation of the Masataka Kondo and Yuki Azuma two man exhibition

Masataka Kondo will have 60 pieces on display. Working from the concept of “unpainted paintings,” he combines multiple video works into a single image. The work being projected on the wall here is particularly striking.

Yuki Azuma, on the other hand, is a calligrapher who works under the concept of “unreadable calligraphy.”, He commented that he is particularly happy when people tell him that it is, in fact, impossible to read. Imagining what the letters say is just one way to enjoy his unique output.

Come see their works for yourselves at Hidari Zingaro( http://hidari-zingaro.jp/ ) on the third floor of Nakano Broadway. Masataka Kondo will be present at Hidari Zingaro throughout the exhibition and Yuki Azuma also plans to come by on the final day