【A Campaign to Celebrate our 20th Anniversary】

Announcing the Return of the GEISAI Grand Prix! A Total One Million yen in prizes!

【A Campaign to Celebrate our 20th Anniversary】

★ As part of celebrations at reaching the 20th edition of GEISAI, we are bringing back Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes of old!
These three awards, which were given out at previous editions of GEISAI several moons ago, will return for this event only.

The three prizes are accompanied by a total of one million yen in gift certificates from Holbein Works, LTD.
・ Gold Prize: a half million yen
・ Silver Prize: three hundred-thousand yen
・ Bronze Prize: two hundred-thousand yen

*** Recipients will be sent a Holbein catalog and can purchase up to the equivalent of their prize amount.

The reason for this gift from Holbein goes back to the days when Chairman Murakami was himself just beginning a career as a young artist. At the time, he received a scholarship from Holbein and the paints and equipment he received were a tremendous help in the production of his early works.

From this past history, Chairman Murakami wished to pass on to the next generation of artists the same assistance from Holbein that had been so essential for him. That wish took the form of these prizes for GEISAI#20.

We are also preparing a variety of other projects to support artists at GEISAI so please keep an eye out here for more news.

GEISAI#20 will be held on Sunday, May 4. We are only accepting applications from entrants 29 years of age and under.We look forward to hearing from you.