A Report About The Careers of Past GEISAI Award Recipients

Today we have an update about the careers of past GEISAI award recipients.

Our first subject is. Masakatsu Sashie who was exhibitor at GEISAI#8, 10 and more, in the process picking up lots of awards, including Naoki Takizawa’s personal award at GEISAI#8 and the Giant Robot award at GEISAI#10.).

Sashie is now represented by Mizuma Art Gallery and is active as a contemporary artist in and out of Japan. Last year, one of his artworks was featured in the article “15 Awesome Works at PULSE Miami Contemporary Art Fair” in an article on the website of Complex Magazine.

Ref: 15 Awesome Works at PULSE Miami Contemporary Art Fair

Through the contacts he made at GEIASI, Mr. Sashie was invited to hold a solo exhibition at GIANT ROBOT in LA and has also been selected several times for the GIANT ROBOT Biennale, held at the Japanese American National Museum.
Ref: Giant Robot Biennale 3 opening party on Saturday, September 22

Second on the list of introductees is Kenichi Yokono, recipient of Eriko Osaka’s personal award at GEISAI MUSEUM and the personal award of Tom Eccles at GEISAI#7. Mr. Eccles subsequently helped him to receive public funding from ACC and go abroad.

At Art Stage Singapore 2014, MICHEKO GALERIE participated with a solo exhibition of Yokono’s works.
To see images of artworks and exhibition views, please click on the links to his webpage and Facebook page below.

Among his many exhibitions around the world, Mr. Yokono is this year scheduled to participate in a show at Mark Moore Gallery in the USA. Please check out the movie below, in which Yokono and Jeremy Fish were interviewed about their installations for the exhibition.

To support young artists, we have placed an age limit on applications to GEISAI#20.
The deadline for applications is April 4