Report on Past GEISAI Award Recipients

Below, we would like to issue a report on the current acitivities of past GEISAI award recipients.

S-va-ha, an artist unit whose members include GEISAI#12 Makoto Aida Award recipient Shugyo Kawakami (, was recently awarded prizes by jurors Kei Yoneyama and Kenji Tokumitsu at TAGBOAT ARTFES 2013.

Ref: TAGBOAT ARTFES 2013 website

Their booth at TAGBOAT ARTFES 2013 was centered on a video of a past performance they held at the “GEISAI Terakoya” event at GEISAI Gallery.

Check out S-va-ha’s Facebook page for more images.
Congratulations on the awards, Syugyo Kawakami and S-va-ha.

We are also pleased to announce that “Ryodan,” who were awarded the Takayo Iida Prize at GEISAI#16, will join the Summer Festival in Nakano Central Park as live painters.

The Summer Festival in Nakano Central Park will take place for 3 days, from Friday, August 23rd to the 25th, and is being supported by Kaikai Kiki’s Hidari Zingaro.. It was this connection that led to Ryodan’s participation.

Lastly, Yamashita Takuya, who was awarded the Koichi Watari Prize at GEISAI#18, has been selected for the Aichi Biennale in 2013. He has asked everyone to said him magnets in order to produce new works.

Dates: Saturday, August 10 to Sunday, October 27, 2013
Be sure to visit the Aichi Biennale 2013.

The are only 8 days left in the application period for GEISAI#19. Click below to apply now..