Report #3 on Past GEISAI Award Recipients

Below, we continue our reports on the current activities of past GEISAI award recipients.

First, we catch up with Souichi Yamaguchi, winner of the Gold Prize at GEISAI#9. He was recently selected as one of 10 artists to participate in a new DKNY Campaign, #DKNYARTWORKS. He is the only artist from Japan among the group.
Here is the list of artists featured in the campaign:

That’s quite a collection of outstanding painters, photographers, and graffiti artists.

Congratulations on joining their ranks with #DKNYARTWORKS !!!

Next is Yodogawa Technique, who was awarded the Silver Prize at GEISAI#5. His work was recently selected for the “Setouchi Triennale 2013”.

Artist’s Page:

His work was also featured on a commemorative post card for the event.
Yukari Art Website:


We are happy to see that Yodogawa Technique’s career continues to develop!!!

We’ve also heard from Siro-A, who received the Bronze Prize at GEISAI#7 and have been awarded many other prizes while also touring Europe. They have definitely succeeded as professional performers.

Siro-A website:
Siro-A Facebook:


Lastly, we wanted to bring to your attention a new exhibition “Why not live for Art? Ⅱ 9 collectors reveal their treasures,” which is scheduled to be held from Saturday, July 13 through Monday, September 23, 2013 at the Art Gallery in Tokyo Opera City.

TOC website:

Among the many artists whose work is featured are a few GEISAI alumni, including:

・Yasuyuki Nishio, awarded the Gold Prize at GEISAI#1

・Marefumi Komura, awarded the Fujiwara Hiroshi Prize and Bronze Prize at GEISAI#10

・Tsubasa Kato, awarded the Sakata Kazumi Prize and Bronze Prize at GEISAI#12

“Why not live for Art? Ⅱ 9 collectors reveal their treasures” Official website [Reference] We look forward to hearing of your future success.