Exhibition by GEISAI#20 Gold Prize Winner Akio Ishiyama

At Hidari Zingaro( http://hidari-zingaro.jp/ )on the third floor of Nakano Broadway, an exhibition by Akio Ishiyama, recipient of the Gold Prize at GEISAI#20, is being held for six days from Thursday, August 7 through Tuesday, 12.

The exhibition will include works from his award winning booth at GEISAI#20, as well as newer pieces, and Ishiyama has been particularly conscious of creating a complete installation, the resulting space of which is quite welcoming.

Pictured here is a series of “Dojizo” (clay statues) made by a technique called “Tatara (the name of a skill used to roll and enlarge clay)”. The inspiration came not from the Jizo often found in shrines or temples in Japan but the weathered ones found on the side of the road which acquire affection over time.

Included here are artworks that he exhibited at GEISAI#20. Ishiyama commented that unlike pottery, there was not any specific purpose intended for the works, and that his goal was to create something similar to Haniwa – objects whose origin is unknown but that fascinate none-the-less.

The lettering on the surface of these artworks is quite impressive. The characters were painted only after intensive and careful planning.

An additional exhibition of Ishiyama’s artwork is also being held at Kaikai Zingaro on the second floor.

Ishiyama explaining his concept to friends and visitors. He will be present in the gallery every day until closing so please top by.

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