Report #4 on Past GEISAI Award Recipients

Below, we continue our reports on the current activities of past GEISAI award recipients.

Today, we catch up with Sakurako Hamaguchi, winner of the Gold Prize at GEISAI#5 and a current participant in “GHOSTS, UNDER PANTS and STARS – A place where children can be children,” an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT).

Sakurako Hamaguchi’s page on
MOT website:
MOT English website:

*Here are the artists participating in this event and their contributions.
・ Transformation: ZEROZEROESUESU
・ Ghosts: Chikara Matsumoto
・ Underpants: Sakurako Hamaguchi
・ Stars: De-Ta-Ra-Me Constellation Society (CEO Tetsuya Murai/System Masato Tsutsui)

Below is a message from Hamaguchi summarizing her piece in the show:

“Hadaka-chan, is always hadaka (naked) in the house. Although timid when at elementary school, she is full of energy at home. She loves dreaming and underpants. Not only that, she wants to become underpants. In her dreams, Hadaka-chan sets off on a journey to the Underpants Kingdom with her imaginary companion, also named Underpants.”

Based on the story above, Hamaguch has created an entire gallery with a fairly tale like atmosphere, taking children along with her to the Underpants Kingdom.

★ Sakurako Hamaguchi is also scheduled to hold her own event in conjunction with the show tomorrow:

Please take a visit to MOT and see her works for yourself.

For GEISAI#19, we have invited three jurors of outstanding international pedigree.
There will be no age limit for applicants, so if you’re looking to make your name as an artist abroad, this is your chance.

We are accepting applications from artists and look forward to hearing from you.